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Change Your Antidote,
Change Your Life™


AL-KHEMI ANTIDOTES® are based on the ancient Egyptian school of healing at The Temple of Heru in Edfu, Egypt.

AL-KHEMI ANTIDOTES® are Medu-cinni (Divine Healers).  They were usually given at the Sleep-temples for balancing the consciousness when all other methods had failed. 

Nana Afo of EarthMother Herbs® has created bio-energetically imprinted subliminal affirmations in a purified, distilled water base to produce the type of antidotes that have not been replicated in over 4,000 years. 


Our AL-KHEMI ANTIDOTES® are sold in convenient, travel-size one-ounce spray bottles.

Simply spray the antidote directly in your mouth three (3) times, twice (2) daily.

Our AL-KHEMI ANTIDOTES® are only $25.00 per bottle and lasts one (1) month, taken as directed.

Why AL-KHEMI ANTIDOTES®?  There simply are no better antidotes on earth!  We have developed over 1,700 antidotes and the equipment that makes them.

To view our complete line of AL-KHEMI ANTIDOTES®, click below:


Δ  Accelerated Healing

Δ  Accelerated High Speed Learning

Δ  Anger Management

Δ  Attract Perfect Love

Δ  Be A Millionaire In 3 Years

Δ  Become the Person You Want to Be

Δ  Break the Chains That Bind

Δ  Calm, Peaceful Mind

Δ  Charisma

Δ  Clairaudience:  White Rose

Δ  Communication

Δ  Concentration

Δ  Confidence

Δ  Confidence Meeting Men

Δ  Confidence Meeting Women

Δ  Courage

Δ  Create Wealth

Δ  Cut Past Ties

Δ  Decision Making

Δ  Depression

Δ  Detach From A Relationship

Δ  Diet & Exercise

Δ  Divine Tune-Up

Δ  Do More In Less Time

Δ  Eliminate Eating Disorders

Δ  Eliminating Anger

Δ  Ending Co-Dependency

Δ  Ending Jealousy

Δ  Energized & Motivated

Δ  Energy & Enthusiasm

Δ  Exercise Regularly

Δ  Family Forgiveness:  Rosy Pink

Δ  Fear of Getting Old

Δ  Feel Good Formula

Δ  Feel Secure Now

Δ  Female Arousal

Δ  Female Sexuality

Δ  Find New Clients

Δ  Find Your Soulmate

Δ  Forgive & Release

Δ  Forgive Yourself

Δ  Freedom From Alcohol

Δ  Freedom From Cigarettes

Δ  Freedom From Depression

Δ  Genius Learning

Δ  Get That Job

Δ  Go to Sleep

Δ  G-Spot/Multiple Orgasm Stimulation (for men)

Δ  G-Spot/Multiple Orgasm Stimulation

Δ  Hair Growth

Δ  Happiness

Δ  Heal Your Childhood

Δ  Healing the Past

Δ  Health, Wealth & Happiness

Δ  Heartbreak Hotel

Δ  I Am A Great Reader

Δ  Increase Your Income FAST!

Δ  Independent Lifestyle Success

Δ  Jaw Clenching/Teeth Grinding

Δ  Leadership

Δ  Learn Easily

Δ  Letting Go of Guilt

Δ  Live Only Love

Δ  Love Myself

Δ  Magnetic Personality

Δ  Male Multiple Orgasms

Δ  Male Virility

Δ  Manifesting Your Vision

Δ  Marketing & Promotion

Δ  Martial Arts

Δ  Math Is Easy

Δ  Maximum Weight Loss

Δ  Millionaire Mind

Δ  Mind-Over-Muscle

Δ  Mystic Medicine Bag

Δ  Nervousness

Δ  Older Means Better

Δ  Organized & Efficient

Δ  Overcoming Substance Abuse

Δ  Pass That Test

Δ  Patience & Detachment

Δ  Perfect Weight, Perfect Body

Δ  Persistence

Δ  Pheromones

Δ  Photographic Memory

Δ  Positive Thinking

Δ  Power & Success

Δ  Powerful Memory

Δ  Powerful Vocabulary

Δ  Procrastination

Δ  Prosperity & Abundance

Δ  Psychic Ability

Δ  Psychic Protection

Δ  Psychometry

Δ  Public Speaking

Δ  Quiet Spirit

Δ  Relaxation

Δ  Release the Inner Warrior

Δ  Reverse Aging

Δ  Rise Above Negativity

Δ  Sales Success

Δ  Samurai Personality

Δ  Self-Confidence

Δ  Self-Discipline

Δ  Self-Discipline & Determination

Δ    Self-Empowerment

Δ  Self-Esteem

Δ  Self-Healing

Δ  Sensational Sex

Δ  Sleep Off the Pounds

Δ  Speak Up For Yourself

Δ  Speed Learning

Δ  Speed Reading

Δ  Stop Anxiety & Fearful Thoughts

Δ  Stop Drinking Alcohol

Δ  Stop Recreational Drugs

Δ  Stress-Free

Δ  Success & Excellence

Δ  Successful Writer

Δ  Survive Without A Job

Δ  Survivors of Abuse

Δ  Take Control of Your Life

Δ  Telepathy/Clairvoyance

Δ  The Art of War

Δ  The Secret (Law of Attraction)

Δ  Think Outside the Box

Δ  Ultra Charisma

Δ  Ultra Prosperity

Δ  Vegetarianism

Δ  Wealth & Success

Δ  Weight Loss

Δ  Wisdom

Δ  Work-Related Stress

Δ  Your Last Cigarette

February 8, 2010