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Herbal Formulas

We are pleased to offer EarthMother Herbs® selection of quality formulas.


Assists Internal Ulcers

Simply put, an ulceration is a tear in an organ or system.  Although there are different types of ulcers; decubital (bedsore), ulcers of the larynx, pharynx, gastric, intestinal, and more, there is always an underlying cause which our ULCEREX formula can effectively assist.  

Price: $10.95



Herbal Urinary Tract Infection Formula

The urinary tract consists of the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and the urethra.  A UTI is really a generic term for any type of infection that occurs in the urinary tract.  These could be cystitis, urethritis, stones, uremia, trichomoniasis, bladder cysts, STD, or dozens of other issues.  Our product, UTI ASSIST is a general formula to cleanse, support and nourish the urinary tract.  The emotional counterpart for recurring UTI's are blame and anger — usually at the opposite sex or partner.


Price: $27.00


Assists Vaginal Imbalance

Our VAGINE formula was created to assist females in a healthy generative system.  Conditions such as Candida, yeast infections, and fungus are addressed as well as urinary tract infections and cystitis. 

Price: $10.95


For Natural Energy

Sometimes, we all may fall short on stamina.  VITAMIX is one of our oldest formulas.  If you are fatiqued or lack normal energy, you’ll find VITAMIX amazing. 

Custom Formulation Only


Cellulite and Appetite Control

For a great many years, EarthMother Herbs® has held that the thyroid is only indirectly responsible for weight loss, appetite control and cellulite reduction.  We have seen a great many products on the market that have insisted that the opposite is true, yet they have yet to create one formula to assist in this as EarthMother Herbs® has consistently done.  Our WEIGHTLESS formula has a combination of herbs that work on the appetite center of the brain, the hypothalamus gland.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at the results of this extraordinary formula. 

Price: $49.95


Female Hormonal Tonic

When we speak of hormones, we normally believe that these elusive, almost unknown substances are beyond our comprehension.  Hormones are simply glandular secretions.  Our WOMAN WISE formula was compounded to naturally address the female hormones; estrogen, progesterone and gonadotropin.  

Price: $12.95


For Cataract/Glaucoma Assist

Near certain parts of the Amazon River, modern healthcare is often non-existent, or far too expensive for the average family to afford.  Often, fifty to sixty-five dollars is their yearly income.  Yet, you see few indigenous people wearing glasses or having undergone optical surgery.  The tropical herbs in our XENOCOR formula are highly effective in dealing with excessive catarrh in the optic pathway, causing what we would call cataracts and glaucoma.  

Price: $39.95


For Yeast Imbalance

Our diets can cause excessive yeast.  White, processed breads, milk, eggs, cheese, sugars all cause the body to create yeast in a valiant effort to assist in eliminating toxins.  YEAST FREE helps the system help itself. 

Custom Formulation Only


Male Potency Formula
This excellently blended formula is for men or women who want to recapture passion and stamina in their love life.  Each herb in this formula has been specially selected to bring about the maximum effectiveness. 

Custom Formulation Only


For Uterine Fibroids

ZEMRIN was created to address uterine fibroids.  With a better dietary commitment, this formula has been shown to ease the condition of uterine fibroma.  This excellent formula only addresses uterine fibroma, not cysts, polyps, lymphosarcoma or other mass in the uterus. 

Price: $22.95