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Herbal Formulas

We are pleased to offer EarthMother Herbs® selection of quality formulas.
For Vision Improvement
This formula assists failing eyesight.  Depending on the severity of the disorder, you will normally notice an improvement after using one bottle.  Many people report that after using OPTI-SIGHT™, their normal eyeglass prescription is too strong!  This product has been reported to usually assist with degenerative optical disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, and optic nerve degeneration, and will strengthen the eyes for better eyesight. 
Price: $19.95

Bone Tonic
We created OSTEOPLEX™ to support and nourish the bones.  OSTEOPLEX will ease inflammation, stiffness and support the rejuvenation and maintenance of cartilage, tendon, and ligament.
Price: $10.95

For Ovarian Health
Our OVARY ASSIST™ formula was created to help females plagued with ovarian dysfunction.  Whether displaced, calculus, or enlarged ovaries, our formula will greatly assist! 

Price: $32.00

For Pancreatic Health

Our Pancrine™ was created to assist the pancreas in its normal functions.  The herbs in this potent formula are all African herbs, enhanced to naturally correct problems that arise from the pancreas such as pancreatitis, pancreatic flukeworms,  and also moderately balances low or high blood sugar issues.

Price: $30.00

Assists Female Libido
PANTHERA™ is to females what Viagra® is to men.  All of our formulas have been blended and analyzed for effectiveness and although PANTHERA™ is an exceptional product, it's not exceptional for EarthMother Herbs®.  

Custom Formulation Only

For Human Papilloma and Related Viruses

HPV comes in many forms, from common and flat warts, to any type of papilloma viruses.  Contagion, as with all virus must be transferred via fluid-to-fluid.  This exceptional formula will assist the body's own immune system to do which it was created.  

Price: $24.95

For Internal Parasites
As a parasiticide and parafuge, PARAPLEX™ has few equals!  PARAPLEX ™ is effective for tape, fluke, pin, heart, blood, thread, and whipworms.  This formula was created for the elimination and expulsion of internal parasites.  Parasites, as with all life, have similar goals, to survive and reproduce.  All of the Rainforest herbs in PARAPLEX have generations of success in the elimination of parasites and their reproduction.  
Price: $19.95

Alkaline Tonic
The condition of acidosis/alkalinity can be very confusing to many people.  This is due to incorrect information on the acid balance in the body.  Different organs and systems will reflect different pH.  The left arm will not have the same pH as the right arm, the spleen normally doesn't show the same pH as the liver; the blood, saliva, tears, sweat, and urine will show inconsistent readings, even after the ingestion of a simple cup of tea.  The pH is a marker, not an absolute. It is best to have a pH count of neutral -- 7.0 to 7.25 -- not too acidic, nor too alkaline. 
Price: $10.00


Herbal Pheromone Formula

As of this writing, EarthMother Herbs® is the only herbal company to manufacture an herbal product to enhance and heighten human pheromones ... It is beyond belief that science has progressed in so many ways but has degenerated to believe that a chemical isolate would contain the complete molecular matrix.  Our PHYTOMONES™ formula will increase ones' pheromones and naturally assist in attracting suitable mates.  I believe the key word here is, "suitable".  PHYTOMONES™ is an intelligent choice to attract the type of mate you desire.

Price: $39.95

Lung Support Formula
This formula not only addresses the lung, but also the lining of the lung (Pleura) as well.  This formula has been reported helpful in assisting the conditions of pleurisy, bacterial asthma, and early emphysema.  PLEURA CLEAR™ is also an excellent lung tonic for those living in urban, industrial areas or who's work brings them in contact with smokers, etc.
Price: $19.95

Assists Menses Imbalance
There are probably more jokes about PMS than I'm comfortable.  PMS is a condition that is usually the manifestation of a more seriously underlying cause.  To  consistently and effectively balance this disorder, we have to factor that there are over 246 reasons why PMS would manifest.  This formula addresses this condition from a holistic perspective.  

Price: $22.00

Assists PMS cramping
The endometrial lining is an important factor in PMS cramps.  Usually in PMS cramping, the uterine (endometrial) lining is weak or partially atrophied.  This causes the uterine lining to contract causing discomfort.  We have added the herb, Rubus idaeus that brings about better tonality to the womb and usually if this formula  is taken consistently, it will take 10 years off the uterine age and function. 

Price: $22.00

For Male Enhancement
PROCOZIN™ was created to assist men in bringing tonality back to the generative system.  This formula is another precisely balanced herbal product to reverse the ravages of time or excess.  This formula will also add firmness to the shaft. 
Price: $49.95

Assists Prostate and Urinary Tract
PROSTAPLEX™ is one of our oldest and most reliable prostate remedies.  It has been time tested and proven.  Many men report extraordinary results within one week. 

Custom Formulation Only

Prostate Tonic
Our PROSTICOR™ formula is a reliable herbal alternative to drastic or unnecessary surgery and synthetic pharmaceuticals.  Over the years, we have noticed an increase in the number of prostatitis and BPH seen at our herbal clinic, and as drastic as this may seem, we also see a reduction in the ages of the men who are afflicted.  No longer can it be said, "Males, 50 years and older ..." but often men as young as their early to mid-twenties are being seen!  Saw Palmetto alone is ineffective, so again we've gone to the Rainforest to supply our needs. 
Price: $29.95

For Prostate Health
PROSTINE™ was formulated not only for prostatitis, but also for urinary tract infections, and general tonality of the prostate gland.  This excellent formula has been reported to assist those with prostatic carcinoma and sarcoma. 
Price: $29.95


Assists Prostate Stones

We formulated our PROSTONE™ combination to correct the misconception and misdiagnosis of many men who have opted for radiation, surgery and inorganic, lifeless chemical treatment.  Over the years, our Herbal Clinic has found that many times men are not suffering from an enlarged prostate, but instead have prostate stones.  These stones form in the kidneys, ureter, urethra, and bladder and usually do not eliminate from the urinary tract and instead settle in the prostate.  When conventional medicine checks this enlargement, all they see is that the prostate is enlarged and assume that the enlargement is glandular, not calculi.  The stones of the prostate actually cause enlargement and when men lie down, the stones push on the bladder, causing the bladder to receive the signals that it's full.  This is the cause of excessive urination at night.

Price: $29.95

Assists Psoriasis Imbalance
Psoriasis is a condition that can be helped using natural methods.  Forget corticosteroids, ultraviolet light, and so-called medicated creams and soaps that cannot work.  Psoriasis is a skin condition that manifests externally but is an internal condition. PSORIASTAT™ is the formula that you've been waiting for!
Price: $10.95

Assists Recovery/Recuperation
We created our recovery capsules to assist those who are convalescent, recovering from hospice care or simply want an all-natural assist in recovery from the ravages of drugs.  This formula is well suited for those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. 
Price: $14.95

For Respiratory Health
We formulated RESPIRIN™ to assist the many people suffering from respiratory dysfunction.  It is an excellent lung tonic for city dwellers, smokers and those who work around lung contaminates as it helps keep the lungs clean.  Asthmatics can also benefit from this formula as it clears the bronchial pathways as well. 
Price: $19.95

For Septicemia
SDX™ was formulated to develop a superior product in countering sexually transmitted diseases.  Many times these disorders remain dormant within the system, causing hereditary problems.  In our laboratory, we have found many miasms directly linked to dormant congenital STDs. 
Price: $14.95

Assists Sickle Cell Anemia
Sickle Cell Anemia affects one in six Americans of African descent.  This genetic disorder is supposedly incurable, however if seen in the light of vitamin B-12 deficiency, and the integration of a traditional African diet, this problem is completely manageable.  SICKLE CELL  ASSIST™ was created to assist those needlessly suffering from this disorder.  Just one capsule per day is taken. 
Price: $29.95

A Cardio-Vascular Tonic
If there are blocked arterial pathways, this enhanced combination will actually allow you to feel the congestion breaking apart while strengthening the arterial walls.  This formula acts as a Roto-Rooter® for the arterials, clearing venous congestion while bringing tonality to the entire cardiovascular system. 
Price: $24.95

To Assist Clear Eyesight
SIGHT ASSIST™ is an excellent formula for those who want to increase the vision.  Over time, pollutants and internal toxins, our eyes are subject to a great deal of abuse.  This formula is highly recommended for clearer vision. 

Custom Formulation Only

Assists Sinus Congestion
Congested sinuses, septum difficulty, congestive headaches and adenoid polyps can be lessened through the consistent use of SINEX™ just a few times per day.  Naturally any cough arising from sinus drip will greatly benefit through the use of SINEX™. 

Price: $19.95

To Assist In Healthy, Even-toned Skin
SKIN ASSIST™ will help a variety of dermatological disorders; dermatitis, psoriasis, roseacea, scleroderma, seborrhea, acne and vitiligo.  Placing creams and lotions on the skin in an attempt to cleanse it is similar to waxing a car in an effort to straighten the dent. 

Price: $14.95

An Herbal Spleen Tonic
There are very few formulas on the market to assist the spleen.  Since the spleen is our largest lymph organ, a healthy spleen equates to a healthy immune system.  This is an excellent formula for those who need to rejuvenate the spleen and strengthen immunity. 
Price: $18.95

Increases Sperm Volume
SQ-1™ is an effective formula to increase the male's sperm-count provided there are no blockages in the spermatic cord, one should see a 600% increase in sperm volume. 
Price: $24.95

For Internal and Environmental Toxins
STRAIGHT FLUSH™ was formulated to provide an all-natural diuretic.  This product will assist the body in ridding itself of environmental, internal, and chemical toxins. 

Custom Formulation Only

For Testicular Health
TESTIPLEX™ has been formulated to assist the testes in their proper function.  There are many prostate formulas on the market, but few herbal products that assist the testes.  TESTIPLEX™ increases the sperm count, mobility, motility and is a urinary antiseptic.  TESTIPLEX™ also assists with the reduction of epididymitis and related dysfunction. 
Price: $12.95

An Herbal Tumor Assistance Formula
TUMOREX™ is an improvement on a Thompsonian herbal tumor formula.  Just two (2) capsules two (2) times daily and you can depend on TUMOREX™ to halt or reduce some tumors.  We have found it of some benefit in over 21 types of tumors.  
Price: $19.95

For Fatty Tumors, Cysts, and Ganglions
TUMORIN™ was formulated to assist in the reduction of cysts.  Fatty tumors as well as polyps can be helped by using this product. 
Price: $19.95