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Herbal Formulas

We are pleased to offer EarthMother Herbs® selection of quality formulas.


For Compromised Immune Systems

There are hundreds of studies on the effectiveness of herbal remedies in lymphatic, HIV, and AIDS treatment.  Many of the studies done worldwide are primarily herbs of the Rainforests.  The scientific community, in addition to the pharmaceutical companies, are already well aware of the effectiveness of these natural remedies, something Herbalists have known for generations.  We are honored to say that we ship this product to Kenya, Ghana, Angola and South Africa to assist with the elimination of the AIDS epidemic.  Unfortunately, it costs more to ship than we charge for the product itself.  Only one capsule is taken twice daily.

Price: $29.95


Colon Cleanse Formula

Why spend hundreds of dollars on expensive, ineffective colon products when you can use INNER CLEANSE?  We have formulated this product with a precise knowledge of the corrective action of each herb. 

Custom Formulation Only


Assists Menses Regularity
The hypothalamus is the part of the brain which controls the pituitary gland that sits at the base of the brain.  The pituitary gland controls all the other glands in the body, including the ovaries which controls the hormones cycle.  If there is damage to the hypothalamus or pituitary gland from a tumor, abscess, or other disorder, the brain may not receive the necessary signals to regulate the menstrual cycle properly.  We have factored this in creating IRREGULAR MENSES.

Price: $14.95


Our JERGON SACHA-ANAMU combination was formulated to assist blood cell rejuvenation — particularly when there are cancerous cell issues.  This is a potent traditional African Formula that has been strengthened for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Price: $19.95


For Joint Flexibility

Ligament, tendon, and cartilage are normally difficult for many natural formulations which is why they’re seldom found.  With our JOINT ASSIST formula you can naturally experience lasting relief.  Many times, people have been misdiagnosed with bursitis, (which is excessive fluid in the bursa) when in reality it is arthritis, (which is an absence of fluid in the joints).  I've even had clients come into the office with sciatica (which is a neuralgic issue), having been misdiagnosed as arthritis.  There are two reasons why people don't get healed, 1) the wrong diagnosis and 2) the wrong remedy.  Our JOINT ASSIST is a peerless formula for joint issues, without inorganic, synthetic poisons.  It's the right remedy!

Price: $19.95


For Kidney Health

After analyzing many kidney formulas, we found the majority of them to be little more than expensive diuretics.  KIDNEY ASSIST is a tonic kidney formula which helps kidney stones, congestion, bile, floating kidneys, nephritis, infection, and kidney parasites. 

Price: $19.95


Herbal Laxative

LAXATONE was formulated for those suffering from occasional constipation.  This balanced herbal formula assists the lower colon with regularity.  LAXATONE  also helps with minor digestive problems. 

Custom Formulation Only


For Fatty Tumors

Fatty tumors, ganglions, and cellulite tissue in our bodies can usually be corrected with LIPOMEX.  This formula also assists the lymph system, liver, balances hormones, lowers cholesterol and is a broad spectrum antimicrobal. 

Custom Formulation Only


For Lupus, Raynaud's, and Paget's

We created LRP which is an acronym for Lupus, Raynaud's and Pagets.  All three disorders often occur simultaneously and with horrible pain and immobility.  This affliction affects African Americans more than Caucasians and females more than men.  Our formula was made to assist the body's own immune system to better function and relieve the involved joint, skin, liver, kidney and connective tissue inflammation. 

Price: $39.95


Lymph System Tonic

Our LYMPHATONE is an amazing product for cleansing the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic network consists of three large glands; the tonsils, spleen and thymus.  These glands produce antibodies and white blood cells to fight infection.  The lymph nodes are the body's network of infection fighting white cells that filter out bacteria, viruses and other organisms.  If this system is compromised, we run the risk of being exposed to frequent infections. 

Price: $29.95


Assists Male Mid-Life Crisis

Description to be added.

Price: $19.95


For Maximum Girth

MAXIMUS is one of our most potent male enhancements.  If you or your partner aren’t measuring up, MAXIMUS will increase the thickness of the male and add firmness where there was only flaccidity. 

Price: $39.95


Description to be added.

Price: $29.95


Assists Menopausal Symptoms
This product contains tonic female herbs from four continents.  By naturally balancing the hormones estrogen and progesterone, this precisely formulated product will assist in reducing night sweats, flushes and irritability.  Many women have been misdiagnosed with menopausal symptoms,when in reality they are suffering pituitary problems.  Check with your health care provider first. 
Price: $24.95


Assists Menses Flow
Over the years at our Herbal Clinic, we have seen a variety of complaints, which naturally includes amennorrhea (Cessation of menstrual cycle).  I've come to realize that many women with strict vegan diets rarely have a menstrual cycle.  These women were all in their child-bearing years and extraordinarily healthy.  Yet we made this formula for women who want their cycle to continue.  This formula is not an abortient and will not function as such. 
Price: $19.95


Assists Insulin Resistance

Description to be added.

Price: $20.00


For Headache Imbalance
There are over 555 causes of migraines.  The goal of relieving the migraine headache is to find the causative factors of this disorder.  Migraines are symptoms, not a disease.  At our  Herbal Clinic, using Traditional African Medicine (TAM), we investigate the cause(s) and not the symptom.  We call pain,  "The Great Motivator" because many times, if it were not for discomfort, we'd do little to change our situation. 
Price: $19.95


Assists Elevated Blood Sugar

Description to be added.

Price: $29.95


An Herbal Parasiticide

MOTHER KANE'S FORMULA is a time tested herbal remedy that is an excellent parasiticide.  This enhanced formula will balance the body's systems and cleanse it of many parasites over a period of time.  MOTHER KANE'S FORMULA is well suited for the Fasciolopsis buskii parasite that is the culprit of many forms of sarcoma and carcinoma. 

Price: $9.95


Immunity Tonic

Our Mother Steven's Formula was named after a very dear person whom I affectionately called, "Mom".  Mrs. Stevens always believed in my vison of Natural Healing and supported my commitment to the people.  I've named this wonderful formula after a wonderful woman, and will continue to send her love and light. 

Price: $29.95


An Herbal Tonic Formula
This formula was named and dedicated to my Grandmother, a wise woman who taught so effectively, I never knew I received the teaching!  This formula is used for carcinoma, sarcoma, and some tumors.  
Price: $29.95


For Igniting the Magic Within
We created MR. MAGIC to assist men on two levels; 1) to assist physical vitality and 2) enhance sexual vitality.  we realized that one is often little good without the other.  This formula is contraindicated for men with High Blood Pressure. 

Price: $19.95


Female Aphrodisiac
In all fairness, it would be remiss of us to create an excellent product for men and omit women.  We formulated MS. MAGIC to assist women in elevating the libido.  These tropical herbs will really bring the fire to the forefront!  
Price: $19.95


Male Rejuvenation Tonic

Men over the age of 35 should consider a tonic for hormonal balance to insure healthy golden years.  If we can tune-up our cars or clean our furnaces, shouldn’t we invest in generative health?  This is a very effective formula to avoid "Male burn-out" in our later years. 

Price: $19.95


Weight Gain Tonic

We formulated MYOTONE to assist those who would like to gain and maintain weight.  The counterindication of this product is that it would be wise to purchase more food, because when taking this product, normally everything not nailed down is consumed. 

Price: $19.95


Whole Body Tonic

NANA AFO'S BLEND is one of those rare herbal combinations that tones the entire body.  I named this formula after my first mentor in the African tradition, Nana Asonahene Kwabena Afo, who introduced me to Traditional African Medicine (TAM).  I also received the highest compliment in having him give me his family name.  This formula is exceptional for strengthening run-down constitutions, lymphatic disorders, and assisting low vitality.  It is also an excellent recuperative composition. 

Price: $24.95


Herbal Rejuvenation Tonic

Lake Bosomtwi is Ghana's largest natural lake.  It is revered for the tranquility, truth, and spiritual insight that is gained there.  Nana Bosomtwi is the name of an African Deity honored for truth, honesty and healing.  We created NANA BOSOMTWI'S HERB TONIC to assist those who have a vitamin B-17 (Laetril) deficiency.  This is a highly regenerative formula given to me by Nana Bosomtwi.


Price: $20.98


Herbal Nervine

Our NERVATONE formula is a true nervine it feeds and supports the nervous system; whether it's the sympathetic, parasympathetic, or the cerebro-spinal systems.  This formula is not a nerve sedative or pain reliever but supports the nervous system through nourishment; therefore, it is little use in neuralgia, neuritis, neurasthenia, nerve derangement, or impinged nerves.  This formula was created to assist in supplying the needed nutrition to the nerves. 

Price: $24.95


For Diabetic Neuropathy
An often overlooked side affect of Diabetes is diabetic neuropathy, a neurological condition affecting the peripheral nerves as a result of the diabetic condition.  Weakness in the limbs or optic nerve disorders are all symptomatic of diabetic neuropathy. 
Price: $29.95


Assists Neuralgia

Normally, pain is a signal to the body that there is something wrong.  We created NEUROPLEX to temporarily assist the body in diminishing discomfort until an appropriate cause is found.  This product is truly one-of-a-kind in that it is an herbal analgesic.  We do not suggest this formula take the place of a qualified Health Practitioner, or reasonable, occasional use. 

Price: $29.95