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Herbal Formulas

We are pleased to offer EarthMother Herbs® selection of quality formulas.


Assists Erectile Dysfunction

Realizing the inherent dangers and disastrous side effects of pharmaceutical and synthetic drugs, we created the E. D. FORMULA, which is a natural erectile dysfunction composition.  Our formula is safe for those who may suffer from HBP or may have respiratory disorders.  Even if there is pre-existing prostatitis, prostatic nerve atrophy, or prostatic artery congestion, this formula will prove beneficial. 

Custom Formulation Only


Whole Food Fiber

A high fiber diet has been shown to work better at controlling diabetes than the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).  A high fiber diet also reduces the levels and sometimes the need for oral diabetic drugs.  High fiber intake has also been shown to protect against colon polyps and high blood pressure.

Fiber passes through the digestive system and absorbs water, expanding like a sponge.  Because of the natural action of fiber, we suggest that you increase your water consumption when using this product.  The bulking and softening action of fiber also decreases pressure inside the intestinal tract.  According to the FDA, eating a diet low in fat and high in grains, fruits, and vegetables that contain dietary fiber may reduce the risk of some cancers. Even though we are aware that some fats are actually useful for our bodies, I accept that they are slowly coming to understand the nature of nutrition.

With an adequate amount of whole food fiber, enteritis, diverticulitis, constipation, and Crohn's disease may prove to be successfully managed.

Price: $14.95


An Herbal Energizer

EARTHANGEL is a true powerhouse of energy and stamina!  It's loaded with nascent vitamins and minerals, provides nourishment and has enhanced soy protein to assist in enzyme production and cellular health.  This all-natural herbal energizer helps the body to endure greater physical stress, nourishes the kidneys and liver, and supplies much needed essentials to the entire system.  This formula is truly a guardian angel! 

Price: $24.95


Assists Eczema Imbalance

Our ECZEMA ASSIST formula was produced to assist those suffering from Eczema.  Topical creams, gels, and steroidal compounds will not bring about a permanent change it only makes one impoverished and frustrated.  ECZEMA ASSIST and simple dietary considerations will greatly surprise you, because Eczema is an internal condition that manifests externally. 

Price: $29.90


Assists Carotid Arteries

Description to be added.

Price: $24.95


Assists Lung Tone

Our EMPHATONE formula is an excellent way to cleanse, nourish and strengthen the respiratory system.  We chose the name EMPHATONE from the Greek, Emphysan, which means "To inflate."  If you'd like to increase your lung capacity and quality, then this formula is for you! 

Price: $29.95


Assists Endometrial Imbalance
The uterus or womb, is lined with endometrial cells that within the second half of a woman's monthly cycle, can accept a fertilized egg.  If no pregnancy occurs, these cells degenerate, break away from the uterine lining and are normally carried out with the womans period.  In some women, the uterus is too weak to perform this activity naturally and endometriosis occurs, which is decayed endometrial lining which causes inflammation and often develops into fibroid tumors. 
Price: $24.95


For Endurance

We formulated ENDURO to assist those of us who are just plain tired of being tired.  We included in this combination, the herb Pfaffia, which is known as the "Russian Secret".  It got its nickname because the Russian athletes had a greater endurance, strength and vitality during the Olympics.  Most people report that ENDURO is such a superior product, they use only half the suggested dosage!  Our formula has Pfaffia which is ten times stronger than the Russians used! 

Custom Formulation Only


For Male Enhancement
This synergistic combination was formulated to assist men in expanding the width of the penile shaft.  Additionally, it will also increase the libido and strengthen the nerves of the generative system.  
Price: $39.95


Assists Blocked Sperm Ducts

We formulated EPIDIDYMITIS ASSIST to help relieve the discomfort, inflammation and blockage of the epididymis.  The epididymis is a tube that contains the matured male sperm that passes through this duct to be stored for later ejaculation.  This formula has also been found helpful in spermatorrhea, vascular congestion, orchitis, and epididymal nodules. 

Price: $39.95


To Increase Vaginal Lubrication
This formula was created for females who have a difficult time generating enough lubrication, causing painful coitus.  This herbal compound strengthens the female paraurethral glands and will generally surprise and delight you. 

Price: $29.95


Assists Uterine Fibroid Reduction

FIBRINEX was developed to assist females in strengthening the uterus, and preventing fibroid tumor growth.  We have found at our Herbal Clinic that many times women were misdiagnosed as having fibroid growth, but often lipoma, cysts, polyps, or even lymphosarcoma went undiagnosed.  As with any effective natural product for tumorous growth, it will not diminish overnight, but it will decrease. 

Custom Formulation Only


Female Tonic

It would have been unfair to make an excellent hormone balancer for men and omit females.  We have formulated F-TONE to assist females in the regulation of hormonal problems.  These herbs are all selected and precisely blended for balance and effectiveness. 

Price: $20.95


For Internal Fungi

Our FUNGINE capsules are specifically formulated to help rid the body of fungus.  This formula also assists in the expulsion of flukeworms and helps with fibrocystic breast disease.  Rapid results in the elimination of lymphadenoma, tinea, mucous colitis and IBS have been achieved as well. 

Price: $29.95


Assists Gallbladder Function

The gallbladder is a storage area for bile not immediately needed for digestion.  The liver produces bile but if too much bile becomes concentrated, it may become a gallstone.  We created GALLBLADDER ASSIST to help the gallbladder function properly and gallstone free. 

Price: $19.90


For Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease

GERD is the back-flow of acid from the stomach up through the normally closed esophagus muscle ring.  Our GERD ASSIST formula helps not only GERD, but also gastritis and gastralgia.  Nature is simplicity.  Humanity seeks to make a simple thing complicated, but keen observation and respect of nature will always make a complicated thing simple. 

Price: $19.90


For Carotid Arteries
Ginkgo is now well known and scientifically documented to assist arterial flow, particularly the common, external and internal carotid arteries.  Our Ginkgo is strengthened, not through standardized extraction of single alkaloids, but the entire leaf, keeping it in natural balance.  Our product is 50 times stronger than normally found.  (You'd have to take 50 bottles of a lesser quality to equal one bottle of our superior product.)  We’ve also added additional enhanced herbs to heighten the desired effect. 
Price: $29.95


Assists the Glandulars
When we think of our glandular system, we rarely think that some of our larger glands such as the spleen, kidneys and liver are part of that same system.  We normally have our car inspected and tuned-up yearly, but never give our glandular system the same attention.  This formula is an excellent way to tune up your body system. 
Price: $19.00


Assists Hyperglycemia

We created GLUCOPHYTE to assist the body's attempts to regulate the diabetogenic and pancreatropic hormones.  This formula has been proven effective for regulation of natural and synthetic insulin, pancreatic sugar control, glucose, glycerol and starches.  This all-natural herbal formulation is precisely blended to assist those who have difficulty in regulating their blood sugar.  There are well over sixty reasons which our Herbal Clinic has found that can cause elevated blood sugar levels, GLUCOPHYTE is an intelligent choice. 

Price: $49.00


Assists Shapely Buttocks

Description to be added.

Price: $49.95


Assists the Thyroid Gland
We created this masterful formula to assist the thyroid, parathyroid and thymus glands and their hormones in the regulation of the condition known as a goiter.  Although kelp is known to be high in nascent iodine, different types of kelp, strengthened from different parts of the globe have been proven far more effective than just kelp alone. 
Price: $19.95


Assists in The Expulsion of Excessive Uric Acid
Gout used to be referred to as "The Rich mans disease".  In Europe's past, only the rich could afford the consistent diet of greasy meats and rich pastries that causes excess uric acid in the blood, joint and muscle.  When the kidneys are overburdened, and cannot eliminate the elevated levels of uric acid crystals, the kidneys can actually become damaged or form kidney, bladder and urinary stones in its attempts to eliminate the excessive uric acid.  GOUT ASSIST naturally assists the bodys' valiant attempts to cleanse itself of this autointoxication. 
Price: $19.95


Assists Hair, Skin and Nails

Human hair, skin and nails are made from the same protein, Keratin.  The growth or arrest of hair, skin, and nails are largely dependent on one’s state of health, nutrition, and state of mind (stress).  In Traditional African Medicine (TAM), there are normally seven layers or issues that must be considered and properly addressed in order to rectify any problem.  We created HAIR, SKIN, AND NAILS to nourish and bring balance to a diseased system. 

Custom Formulation Only


Assists Hair Growth

This all-natural, all-plant formula consists of nascent inositol, silica, and our proprietary blend to assist hair growth.  This formula comes in capsule form and special order palmade.
Dramatic results have been reported with the use of our HAIR-NU formula. 

Price: $29.95


Brazilian Hair Growth Formula

Our HAIRWAY formula has been precisely balanced to address the primary issue of Alopecia.  It also enhances and thickens hair on the entire scalp and supports healthy skin and nails.  These tropical herbs contained in this formula are a true marvel.  We also make a special order palmade for this formula as well.

Price: $29.95


For Stress-Free Living

Happy trails to you!  If depression, irritability, anger, overwhelming emotional issues or stress is a problem, then HAPPY TRAILS is for you.  This product is an excellent choice for a stress-free existence. 

Price: $12.00


Assists Arterial Pathways

Arterial congestion, cholesterol, blood calcium deposits, and hardening of the arteries can be minimized with this wonderful formula.  It’s recommended that this formula be taken regularly for the maximum effect.  HAWTHORN PLUS is especially effective for edema of the lower extremities. 

Price: $23.95


For Cardio-vascular Tone

We created the HAWTHORN-MOTHERWORT blend to assist the arteries and strengthen the heart.  We also enhanced this combination by concentrating it ten times the normal strength.  This is an excellent combination and a superior heart tonic for those who wish to normalize their blood pressure while tonifying the heart.  We've also added our proprietary formula for maximum effectiveness.

Price: $29.95


Herbal Chelation Compound

EarthMother Herbs® HCC is a 100% whole food, botanical formula that assists the body in the expulsion of heavy metals (such as aluminum, lead, mercury, etc.), improves circulation of the arteries, veins, capillaries, and lymph vessels and helps to expel mucus from accumulating in the organs.

HCC seeks out and binds (chelates) inorganic matter from the cardiovascular system naturally — without side effects.  The inner walls of the arteries can become congested with excessive cholesterol, calcium deposits, uric acid and inorganic substances.  This build-up can occur early in life and accumulates in the arterial walls over the years.  As the plaque builds up, our arteries become hard and constricted.  Arteries actually lose their natural ability to expand and contract due to inorganic deposits in our arterial pathways.  With congestion in the arteries, peristaltic action cannot occur easily which forces the heart to pump more vigorously.  This is one of the most common causes of high blood pressure.

Our HCC formula allows the body to harmlessly expel this poisonous matter through the urinary tract, behaving much like a diuretic, but HCC is not a diuretic formula.  Our superior formula naturally chelates this malicious matter, much like intravenous chelation.  HCC eliminates excess calcium, cadmium, benzene, fluoride, aluminum, chemical, environmental and internal toxins.  HCC is the most cost-effective, non-invasive natural method currently available at any price.


Price:  $49.95


Natural Gum Health

This is a rare herbal formulation.  HEALTHY GUMS will assist in achieving and maintaining dental health.  HEALTHY GUMS has been reported to assist in gingivitis, pyorrhea, periodontitis, tooth abscess, loose teeth and gum pain.  We've received so many glowing testimonials for this product that space limits us from including them all.

Price: $19.95


Assists Hemodialysis

There are far too many individuals undergoing hemodialysis.  Dialysis was never meant to be a life long treatment, but only a temporary situation until an appropriate transplant was located.  Sadly, this is not the case.  We formulated HEMODIN to assist those undergoing the indignity of dialysis and support the kidneys to better function. 

Price: $39.95


Assists Internal, External and Hemorrhoidal Injury

The manifestation of hemorrhoids are normally three-fold.  It can be from injury, internal or an external source.  Chronic constipation is usually the cause but a rectal ulcer or rectal neuralgia can also be the culprit.  In our Herbal Clinic, we often see proctitis, anal fissures, fistulas and pinworms misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids.  Before going under the knife, give our HEMORRHOID ASSIST a try.  The balanced laxative and astringent herbs in our formula will both delight and soothe you. 

Price: $19.95


For Hepatitis
This is a very effective formula that assists the liver in clearing congestion, excessive bile, gallstones, inflammation, and most forms of Hepatitis, including the seldom mentioned Hepatitis-X.  We are very proud to offer this product to assist those who are having difficulty in maintaining a healthy liver.  The herbs in this combination are based on Traditional African Medicine (TAM)  with the exception of Ginkgo biloba. 
Price: $29.95


Herbal Antimicrobial

A truly effective herbal antimicrobial.  HERBACILLIN is effective for virus, microbes, bacteria, fungus, and is a superior antiseptic.  HERBACILLIN has also shown effectiveness in some parasitic infestation.  HERBACILLIN has been proven to be three times more effective than penicillin. 

Price: $24.95


Nature's Antibacterial

Description to be added.

Price: $24.95



Description to be added.

Custom Formulation Only


Cleanses the Urinary Tract

At our Herbal Clinic, we rarely suggest any Herbal diuretic until we've first considered if there is arterial congestion, kidney dysfunction or heart valve atrophy.  Giving someone a diuretic when the arteries are congested is similar to putting more water down a clogged  drain.  There will only be one avenue for the water to go and that is why there are so many who suffer edema today.  If there is no arterial congestion, our HERBAL DIURETIC is an excellent formula for you.  

Custom Formulation Only


For Intimate Effects

One of the primary herbs in HERBAL FX helps provide generative tone and support the generative nerve ganglia.  This formula is also excellent for loss or limited libido and assists in clearing the prostatic artery. 

Custom Formulation Only


Botanical Acidophilus

Description to be added.

Price: $19.95


Large Intestines Cleanser

Description to be added.

Price: $9.95


Male Vitalizer (HBP)

HERBAL TITANIUM was created for men with HBP and elevated blood sugar issues who desire a natural male rejuvenation product.  This combination will not interfere with the blood pressure and assists in clearing the arterial pathways, particularly the prostatic artery. 

Price: $24.95


For Herpetic Assistance

EarthMother Herbs® has formulated HERPEX, which is an exceptional product to assist in the relief of the Herpes virus.  There are few, if any, herbal products on the market today that have produced any effective formulations that deal with this complaint such as EarthMother Herbs®HERPEX contains fresh quality, ethically harvested tropical herbs and has been proven effective in EBV, HSV1, HSV2, HTLV, and VZV

Price: $49.95


Assists Shapely Legs

Description to be added.

Price: $29.95


Natural Hypertension Assistance

HYPERTENZ™ was formulated to assist High Blood Pressure issues, blood viscosity, arterial and venous congestion, irregular heartbeat and the hormone residing in the kidney, hypertensin.  This product also balances valvular dysfunction and is a mild, dependable herbal diuretic.  HYPERTENZ™ eases lower extremity edema while supporting arterial flow.  It's important to understand that hypertension and HBP are not the same disorder and must be approached differently to bring balance to the system.

Price: $25.00


Weight Loss and Appetite Suppressant

Our HYPOTHALAMUS FORMULA is simply amazing!  We have informed the public over the years that the thyroid and parathyroid have little to do with appetite control and cellulite reduction, so we set out to prove it with our superior formula.  The hypothalamus is the gland that's responsible for thirst, appetite control and food intake.  The four primary hormones that control these functions are factored within our all-natural, plant-derived formula

Price: $49.95