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Herbal Formulas

We are pleased to offer EarthMother Herbs® selection of quality formulas.

At EarthMother Herbs®, all of our capsules are Certified Halal.  Our herbs all have a Certificate of Analysis on file and there are no additives or pesticides in any of our formulas.  EarthMother Herbs® products do not contain added sugars, dyes, fillers, or any synthetics.  Our products are guaranteed to be the finest herbal products available, or we will gladly replace or refund your money if not 100% satisfied.  Here at EarthMother Herbs®, every product is tested for purity, effectiveness, and potency.  We will ship to all APO addresses for our Troops.  We require a minimum order of three bottles for shipping.  Visit us, call us or contact us today to place an order.


Assists Calculus Imbalance

Our ABO™ formula was created to assist in the expulsion of stones.  Whether stones are in the kidneys, ureter, urethra, bladder, pancreas, or the prostate, these malicious little monstrosities can cause considerable discomfort.  What is heartbreaking to me is when I have to tell parents that their children have stones in their urinary tract.  Their first response is, "They drink lots of water and I've been giving them vitamins since they were three years old!"  The reason is simplicity itself -- those laboratory-created vitamins contain inorganic rocks such as calcium carbonate (Limestone) which traps itself in the urinary tract causing urine stoppage.  This is completely unacceptable!  Big Pharma is well aware that the human body cannot process even finely granulated rocks, yet they continue to manufacture these toxins -- and most so-called "Health stores" continue to sell them.  We at EarthMother Herbs® will never sell anything that does not grow from the Earth. 

Price: $19.95

Assists Acne Imbalance
We introduced our ACNE ASSIST™ formula to help balance over or under-active sebaceous glands and nominal dermatitis.  Moderate dietary changes, and one of our colon cleanse products will greatly assist the skin as well. 
Price: $19.95

Assists Concentration

If you or your child are prone to fidgeting, unable to remain seated for long, are easily distracted and have poor short-term memory, you may benefit from using our ADD-ADHD ASSIST We recommend this exceptional formula to help ease the frustration of dealing with this disorder and enjoy a better quality life for you and your family.  

Price: $19.95

Supports an Addiction-Free Life
Our ADDICTION ASSIST formula was developed to assist those having difficulty in releasing ones dependence on cigarettes, alcohol, recreational drugs, pornography and other addictions.  Contains:  Darlingtonia californium Flowers 3C, Nicotiana alata Flowers 5C, Juglans regia Flowers 3X, Tabernanthe iboga Flowers 3C in a specially prepared proprietary herbal base.
Price: $39.95

For Adrenal Glands
Our ADRENOPLEX™ formula was produced to help the adrenal glands achieve their proper balance.  There are over 150 hormones that the kidney is responsible for other than adrenaline and cortisone which are the more recognizable hormones.  The adrenal glands are the "Flight or fight" hormone, so if you are having difficulty with a situation in which you can neither leave nor confront, try our superior ADRENOPLEX™ formula. 
Price: $19.95


African Health Tonic

Our AFAMU'S TONIC™ is a "Helper Tonic".  Many in the medical community will not accept that just as a body can become atonic, there are nutrients within nature that are tonic.  In fact, certain families of herbs are by their very nature, tonic.  Plants of the Brassiceae family are a specific for tonality and are usually ignored when it comes to healing the body of degenerative disorders.  Yet, these special helpers have for centuries healed an atonic system when all other sources were exhausted.  A mystery is defined as something that has not been revealed, yet our great EarthMother has never hidden her bounty from us.  It is we who ignore her.  


Price: $29.95


Assists Regularity

We formulated this exceptional laxative combination to assist the bowels with tonic regularity.  We have included concentrated herbs in this formula which perform the action of (1) an aperient; to assist in smooth movement, (2) reliable herbal laxatives; which act on the lower bowel, (3) tonic herbs which tone the intestinal tract and (4) nutrient and mild purgative herbs to assist in speedy movement.  This formula is taken for 7 days. 

Price: $19.95

For Indoor and Outdoor Allergies
ALLERGY ASSIST™ was formulated to ease some of the discomfort of those suffering from allergies.  Our bodies manufacture histamine.  When our natural histamine levels are  overfunctioning, this sensitivity is manifested as allergies.  As our environment becomes more unhealthy with man-made toxins, as well as natural allergens, we've found more people getting an allergic response. The so-called allergen isn't toxic, our bodies are!  Plastics, Radon, mold, animals, environmental, radiological, food, and natural allergies can be lessened through the use of this exceptional formula. 
Price: $24.95

Natural Appetite Control
We developed this formula to assist the metabolism, which is responsible for the biochemical production and transfer of carbohydrates, fat, glucose, glycerol, vitamins and minerals.  Most formulas are only concerned with the thyroid and parathyroid, yet this does little for the true cause of appetite control.  Our superior formula has been precisely blended to assist the true causative factors of natural appetite control and assist the body's attempt to regulate a natural appetite. 

Custom Formulation Only

Assists Arterial Congestion
ARTERY ASSIST™ was formulated to help the arterial system.  Many arterial disorders are the direct result of poor arterial flow or venous congestion.  When there are problems with the arteries, such as arteritis, arteriosclerosis, erectile dysfunction, HBP, and valvular dysfunction, normally congested arteries are the cause. 

Custom Formulation Only

Arthritis Tonic Formula
We have formulated ARTH-EASE™ to help alleviate the unnecessary suffering caused by excessive uric acid in the joints — arthritis.  Toxins in the tissues normally attempt evacuation through the easiest route, through the joints.  ARTH-EASE™ helps remove these toxins painlessly. 

Custom Formulation Only


We formulated ASTHMA ASSIST, to liberate those who are dependent on inhalers, synthetic pills and ridiculous exercises for the breath of life.  We have created this superior product with concentrated herbs from four continents.  There are self-professed "Experts" on asthma who themselves still have asthmatic episodes on a daily basis, so listening to them wheeze their way through a seminar is similar to spitting in the wind — it's only going to come back to hit you in the face.  Our exceptional product, ASTHMA ASSIST, will make a believer out of the most fastidious skeptic.  Even though there are those who criticize nature, nature has never built a monument to a critic.  Our monument is ASTHMA ASSIST.

Price:  $29.95


All-Natural Weight Gain

ATHLETE'S CHOICE was created to assist men and women with a 100% Whole-food botanical product that produces weight gain, muscle tone and definition.  This product doesn't simply supply energy (which fluctuates) — it gives stamina (which is constant)!  We originally created this formula for professional athletes, but we weekend-warriors can greatly benefit as well.

Price:  $39.95


High Potency Tonic

This formula is an exceptional tonic for those of us who are reaching our golden years.  ATIE'S TONIC is highly nourishing, strengthening and is an extraordinary recuperative composition.  Just one capsule is taken twice daily.  If you have issues with low energy, weakness and general loss of vitality, give ATIE'S TONIC a try.

Price:  $19.95

An Antiviral Herbal Formula

AVIRIN is an effective and peerless antiviral formula.  Many people have convinced themselves after just one bottle, it truly has no equal.  AVIRIN will assist in many viral disorders.  If you've been told that your "Viral load" is too high, you will surprise your Health Care provider on your next visit.

Price: $19.95

Brazilian Weight Assist
BAHIA SLIM™ is another formula that contains Rainforest herbs that have generations of use from the indigenous people who know their native herbs.  This superior formula comes from Bahia, Brazil and brings to mind the sunny beaches and slim, sun-kissed bodies of Brazil. 

Custom Formulation Only


Our BELLY BURNER formula works on three levels.  First, it works on fatty cells of the abdomen; next, it works on fatty tissue in that area; and lastly, it eliminates both upper and lower colon peristalsis.  People have come to us over the years for an effective product to reduce that spare-tire effect.  Our answer is BELLY BURNER.  This product is very specific in its action; however, for some we suggest a colon cleansing product and our PARAPLEX formula in conjunction with our BELLY BURNERIn some cases there may be congested colon or intestinal parasite issues which may also be the cause of that stomach pouch.

Price: $49.95

An Herbal Antimicrobal
BIOPLEX™ was created to fill the void of herbal products dealing with antimicrobal activity.  BIOPLEX™ destroys harmful bacteria while assisting with probiotic function. 

Custom Formulation Only


Assists HBP

There are over 158 causes of high blood pressure.  Many people have been led to believe that hypertension and high blood pressure are the same disorder.  This is one of the biggest myths of the medical system.  Hypertension is a hormonal problem that may or may not manifest as HBP; you can have hypertension and not have HBP — and vice versa.

Our BLOOD PRESSURE ASSIST formula effectively assists and normalizes the conditions that cause HBP.  Diuretics, inorganic potassium, blood thinners or cholesterol lowering pharmaceuticals have all proven ineffective and dangerous.  If these products were effective, why must you continue taking them?  According to the FDA, diets that contain foods that are high in potassium and low in sodium may reduce the risk of HBP and stroke.

Theoretically this appears sound but sodium is a mineral our bodies do not make.  Sweat, tears, blood and amniotic fluid are all made of sodium. To deny humans sodium is to deny us life.  Additionally, if the very two elements (Salt and water) that some of the medical system says that we don't need, why then are these the first things that are given by EMT's or during a medical crisis?  This is pharmaceutical grade saline solution, which is nothing more than salt (sodium), and water.

Price: $25.00


Our BLOOD SUGAR ASSIST is a superior combination of three of our diabetic control formulas; (1) DIABETES ASSIST, (2) GLUCOPHYTE and (3) DIAZINE.  We could have sold these products as a "Kit" and charged three times the price, but we've instead included all these formulas in one inexpensive, convenient capsule.  Only one capsule is taken twice daily.  Usually, one will see a 100 point reduction of the blood sugar levels.  This is a potent product and not recommended for "Borderline Diabetics".

Price: $25.00


Assists Osteoporosis

We formulated BOA DOMPE to supply the bones with all-natural, whole-food, botanical calcium and fluorine.  This formula assists in the elimination of excessive uric acid.  Additionally, this product also helps supply organic sulfur in the case of osteoporosis and osteomalacia.  Although many Health-care practitioners routinely inform us that we need extra calcium, this is not always the case for African-Americans.  In fact, many African-Americans actually suffer from osteomalacia (softening bones) and rarely osteoporosis.

Price: $19.95

For Muscle Definition and Anti-Fatigue
This is our non-steroidal formula that sculpts and tones the body.  One capsule of BODY SCULPT™ is taken twice a day, and it's non-addictive.  At EarthMother Herbs®, we have athletes come to us for a non-narcotic formula that helps them in their chosen sport.  This formula surpassed even our high standards!  After only a few days, your family and friends will notice a greater tonality to your body you won't have to say a word! 
Price: $49.95

For Healthy Breasts
The breasts are primarily composed of gland, fatty and connective tissue.  Often, the sebacous or oil-producing glands around the areola are blocked causing the lubricant that is normally produced during nursing to go into stasis.  Other times, fibrocystic breast disease is caused by the flukeworm that encysts itself to avoid detection.  We have unsurpassed and scientifically validated herbs to correct these problems within our formula. 
Price: $24.95

Assists Bursitis
Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa; a fluid-filled sac of the joints.  The bursa acts as a lubricating agent between other structures such as bone, tendon, ligament, and cartilage.  Bursitis is often misdiagnosed as arthritis, when in reality it is just the opposite!  Bursitis is excessive fluid retention, while arthritis is a lack of lubrication.  Many people are familiar with the better known and recognized forms of Bursitis.  However, most people are unaware that carpal tunnel syndrome is nothing more than another form of Bursitis!  BURSAPLEX™ will help ease the inflammation and immobility anywhere the bursa resides, whether it's the shoulders, knees, elbows, or wrists. 
Price: $19.00

Assists Candida Expulsion
Candida, thrush and moniliasis are fungal infections that occur most commonly where there are mucous membranes.  Normally, Candida lives in the intestinal lining of the body where it causes little or no damage.  But tight clothing, dampness, sugar, milk, cheeses, white bread and devitalized processed foods can all help this fungus to thrive.  If you're plagued by chronic or recurring Candida, our CANDIDA ASSIST™ will truly amaze and delight you. 
Price: $19.95

For Supplementing Cancer Treatment
We created CARCINEX™ to assist the body's immune system in combating cancer cells.  All the herbs of this formula are native to the South American Rainforest and have been scientifically validated for their effectiveness. 

Custom Formulation Only

For Cardiac Valve Dysfunction
We introduced CARDIO-V™ to assist the heart valves in proper function.  CARDIO-V™ is normally suggested when there are difficulties in the mitral, tricuspid, venous and aorta valves or obstructed blood flow due to valvular or ventricular dysfunction. 
Price: $39.95

For Blood Pressure
CARDIRON™ supports a healthy arterial system, strengthens the heart, supports valvular regularity, and curtails irregular heartbeat.  CARDIRON™ also promotes low cholesterol, normal blood viscosity, and cardiac tone. 
Price: $29.95

Assists the Carpal Bursa/Nerves
Every moving joint has as lubrication the synovial fluid which protects the joints from repetitive stress.  The true carpal tunnel syndrome is a collection of arteries, ligaments, veins, nerves and bursa synovial fluid.  If compression occurs in the wrist due to ligament atrophy, the result will be CTS.  This formula addresses the entire syndrome and has been reported helpful where surgery was the only option. 
Price: $29.95

Assists Connective Tissue Atrophy
CARTILAGE ASSIST™ was formulated to assist the cartilage in its function.  Cartilage is in reality just gristle and for those of us who understand how gristle operates, understand how we must assist the cartilage in its valiant attempts to cushion shock.  The cartilage has a very poor blood supply, so this formula was created with that in mind.

Custom Formulation Only

Assists Erectile Dysfunction
Our Cayuba™ formula is simply an herbal marvel.  Over the years, many men have come to us with ED problems.  This formula was produced to approach ED three ways.  First, we included botanicals which clean the arterial and veinous pathways, next we've added other botanicals to assist the generative nerves, which are four times stronger and lastly we've added combination botanicals, ten times the strength to assist the prostate and lungs. 

Custom Formulation Only

For Cerebro-Vascular Accidents
We formulated CEEVA™ to assist in clearing the carotid artery pathways, thereby reducing the likelihood of Cerebro-vascular accidents (stroke).  This formula is also helpful in eliminating headaches arising from clogged carotid arteries, while lowering cholesterol and HBP.  This formula assists clearing the common, external and internal carotid arteries.
Price: $29.95

Blood Cell Tonic
Cells are the basic building blocks of the body.  The human body is made of more than 200 different cells, with each group performing a different function.  Growth and repair occurs (or doesn't) because of the cellular ability to divide and duplicate.  Sometimes, when the cells are diseased, this ability is curtailed or brings about the duplication of diseased cells.  Our CELL DECAY™ formula will assist in the repair and maintenance of the body's cells. 
Price: $18.95

Destroys Harmful Free Radicals
Antioxidants are involved in the prevention of cellular damage — which is the doorway to disease.  When the body's cells perform poorly or die, this activity is called Free Radical damage.  The body normally prevents this damage through the antioxidant defense system.  Free Radicals are not always bad though, they also attack invading microorganisms and assist in the repair and maintenance of the body's  systems.  Nature always has checks and balances, when these balances are out of control, then we must go back to nature to rectify them.  This formula will help the body help itself. 
Price: $18.95

Assists the Cervix

We made CERVITONE™ to assist females in maintaining a healthy cervix.  Many times, Cervicitis (which is inflammation of the cervix), normally cannot be felt.  Sometimes, the only symptoms which manifest are:  discharge, bleeding or a heavy menstrual flow and occasionally discomfort or pain in the pelvis or lower back.

To avoid a D & C, we suggest giving CERVITONE™ a try. 

Price: $19.95

Assists Chemical Imbalance
We formulated CHEM-X™ to assist the body in ridding itself of the many chemicals that are found in our environment.  CHEM-X™ assists in the natural expulsion of environmental pollutants, pharmaceutical burden, food additives, preservatives, artificial coloring, flavor enhancers and general toxicity.  We have seen so many cases of Chemtrail poisoning, that we had to formulate a product to assist the body in cleansing out this devilish cocktail from our bodies.
Price: $19.95

Natural Cholesterol Balance 

Cholesterol is a sterol, produced by the liver in order to expel potentially poisonous matter from the system.  97% of the bodys' cholesterol comes from the liver itself.  But cholesterol is important to every cell in the human body and the highest concentrations of it are found in the brain.  Changing the way you eat or taking cholesterol lowering drugs does little to reduce cholesterol because the liver just produces more cholesterol to make up for the deficiency.  The whole idea of 'bad cholesterol' is complete nonsense.  It is the plaque that lines the arterial walls that causes the problems.  That plaque is basically scar tissue that's trying to heal a weakened arterial wall.  Our formula assists in the natural balance of the arterial pathways, thereby regulating the so-called cholesterol problem. 

Price: $29.95

An Herbal Colon Cleansing Formula
Our all-natural fast acting colon cleanser eliminates the chronically impacted waste of your upper and lower colon.  CLEAN SWEEP™ is normally taken for only five (5) days.  You will usually see a reduction of your stomach and can repeat this product when the seasons change.  We formulated this combination because customers wanted a product they didn't have to take for months or weeks.  We have had many competitors unsuccessfully try and duplicate CLEAN SWEEP™ only to find that our product is truly unique.
Price: $19.95

Colon Cleansing Formula
A clean colon will greatly assist the body in the maintenance of both the digestive and eliminative systems.  This particular formula works primarily on the eliminative system, through assisting the lower bowel in proper evacuation and peristalsis. 

Custom Formulation Only

Assists Colon Regularity
We created the COLON SUPREME formula to assist the lower bowel to greater peristaltic activity.  At our herbal clinic, we've heard time and again that most colon formulas are little more than mild laxatives and our customers wanted a product that is safe, reliable and consistent.  You take only two (2) capsules at night before bedtime for seven (7) days. 

Custom Formulation Only

For Viral Septicemia
Our COMPOSITION BLEND™ is an excellent combination for septicemia.  It can be taken for most types of viral contagion with no side effects.  Whether the common cold,  influenza, or just as a preventative for children during cold and flu season, this formula is a peerless antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and is effective for many types of skin disorders.  We suggest that this formula be taken for a maximum of only two (2) weeks. 
Price: $19.95

A Non-Irritating Cayenne Blend
Our COOL CAYENNE™ formula was created to assist those who want or need the benefits of Cayenne but don't want the irritating effect that Cayenne is known for having.  Although this is a simple combination, the results are truly extraordinary.  COOL CAYENNE is an especially good formula for those with sensitive constitutions.  This formula also assists those with failing eyesight (squinting) and weight reduction.
Price: $19.95

Assists Colon Polyp Reduction
If you are at risk or have been diagnosed with colon polyps, the most drastic method of approach would be surgery that could include having the entire large intestine removed.  We offer COPOLEX to naturally and over time correct this dysfunction.  Colon polyps are normally three types but they are simply decayed cellular clumps in or on the colon.  A high fiber diet can generally reduce the likelihood of polyps when there is a genetic dispositon towards polyps or if you're male. Before considering a surgical option, give COPOLEX a try.

Custom Formulation Only

For Weight Loss and Appetite Reduction
We formulated CORTIPHYTE™ to assist the body in reducing fatty tissue.  These all-natural herbs will also decrease the appetite and rid the body of morbid adipose accumulation in those "problem areas."  This formula is especially helpful for those who snack or eat due to stress. 
Price: $29.95


Assists Regional Enteritis

Crohn's Disease, also called regional enteritis, should not be the health issue it has become.  If Crohn's Disease were simple enteritis, why is it a life-long problem?  Crohn's Disease is more accurately a twisted colon.  We address this situation from a bio-mechanical perspective in addition to the bio-chemical.  There are no incurable diseases, only ignorant healers and for every ailment, there is an herb and for every herb, there is an ailment.

Price: $29.95


Weight Loss Assist

For some, weight loss can become a tricky issue.  There is no single pill available for every manifestation of weight management.  Effective, consistent weight loss is a three-fold problem which requires:  1) diet, 2) exercise, and 3) an effective supplement.  On rare occasions, weight issues may be hormonal by way of the hypothalamus gland.  If such is the case, our HYPOTHALAMUS ASSIST is the correct product.  If there are no glandular issues, our CUTT™ is an amazing combination.

Price: $29.95

Assists Internal Cysts Imbalance
Cysts are normally internal or external fluid-filled sacks.  We formulated CYSTEX as a complimentary method of dealing with this complaint.  For those interested in a natural approach to this problem, CYSTEX may be the answer you're seeking.  There are over twelve types of internal cysts that CYSTEX  can deal with effectively. 
Price: $39.95



Assists T-Cells

EarthMother Herbs® has the pleasure of introducing our Dadefo™ formula.  Dadefo™ means "Iron Person".  This formula was inspired by the extraordinary South African Traditional Healer, Sanusi Credo Mutwa, and the brilliant work he is doing in his country to eliminate HIV and AIDS using Traditional African Medicine (TAM).  Our Dadefo™ formula was created to assist the T-cells, strengthen the immune system and lymphatics by giving overall support and benefit to those with compromised immunity.  Only one capsule is taken twice daily and as with all of EarthMother Herbs® formulas, we stand behind Dadefo™ with a 100% guarantee!    

Price: $34.95


A Gentle, Daily Laxative
Our DAILY LAX™ formula is a combination of proven laxative herbs to assist the lower colon in elimination.  By combining herbal aperients, laxatives, and purgatives, this daily formula excels.  This formula is also an excellent stool softener.

Custom Formulation Only


African Tonic Formula

DENSU is a remarkable combination of tonic African herbs to eliminate decayed cell growth of the elimination system.  If you have been told you have cell decay of the kidneys, bladder, ureter or urethra, this formula is an intelligent option.  It doesn't matter if the issue is past, present or future.  DENSU™ is known world wide as an effective healer.

Price: $25.00

Skin Health Tonic
We formulated DERM ASSIST™ to support the body's largest organ of elimination — the skin.  With consistent use of this product, you'll find amazing relief from scleroderma, psoriasis vulgaris, dermatitis, and hives that originate from a psychological or stressful source. 
Price: $29.95

For Toxcemia
Traditionally used for assisting the body's genito-urinary system in the expulsion of toxins.  This formula is normally used at the onset of suspected Toxcemia.  

Custom Formulation Only


Assists Hyperglycemia

For every herbal formula at EarthMother Herbs®, there is a tale to tell.  We created DIABETES ASSIST for a radiant Elder who explained her story to us.  She told us that she is on a fixed income and gets $600.00 per month.  Her diabetic medicine prescribed by her doctor costs her a total of $400.00 per month. This absolutely broke my heart.  I was determined to formulate a product so effective that she would never need that synthetic medication again.  That was over a year ago, and we're proud to say that our DIABETES ASSIST not only achieved our goal, it has become one of our best sellers!  We don't make our products simply for the money, we make them simply for the people.  

Price:  $15.00

For Natural Diabetic Control
Our DIAZINE™ formula is simply one-of-a-kind!  With the inclusion of Brazilian hyperglycemic herbs, there is no other description for this product other than, 'Unsurpassed.'  These herbs have been used in South America for generations and are known as "Vegetable Insulin" in scientific circles.  This product is contraindicated in cases of hypoglycemia as it lowers blood sugar levels significantly. 
Price: $29.00

For Digestive Health
If you suffer from chronic gastritis, IBS, mucolitis, or constipation, an underfunctioning digestive tract may be the cause.  DIGESTONE™ will assist the body in achieving and maintaining a healthy digestive system. 
Price: $14.95

For Diabetic Macular Degeneration
DIMACZIN™ was created for diabetic macular degeneration.  As of this writing, EarthMother Herbs® is the only herbal company to address the primary and secondary diabetic concerns plaguing America today.  We formulated DIMACZIN™ to assist the problems of macular degeneration and optic nerve damage diabetics often suffer.  This formula is excellent for non-diabetics as well. 
Price: $29.95

For Diabetic/Non-Diabetic Kidney Dysfunction
Often, diabetics and non-diabetics as well suffer dysfunctional kidneys as a result of excessive glycose and the hormone, hypertensin.  EarthMother Herbs® formulated DINEPHRIN™ to address these issues and ultimately lessen the inhuman dialysis device that far too many Americans have found themselves attached.
Price: $29.95

For Diabetic/Non-Diabetic Neuropathy
Our unique DINEURODIN™ formula is truly an herbal marvel!  We formulated this product to address the legitimate concerns of those suffering from the secondary effects of diabetes; in this case neuropathy.  This precisely blended and enhanced herbal combination allows the cerebro-spinal, sympathetic, and parasympathetic nervous systems to work in harmony.  In addition to assisting the nerves, this formula also lowers elevated sugar levels. 
Price: $29.95

Assists Diverticulitis
Simply put, Diverticulitis is the diverting of the normal colon pathway.  This is usually caused by congested or partially digested food that has not been properly eliminated.  The main reasons this occurs is a lack of dietary fiber and peristaltic atrophy.  This under-digested decaying matter encases the colon walls, creating a pocket that recent food must create a new pathway for elimination.  DIVERTIPLEX can benefit this condition. 

Custom Formulation Only



Male Tonic

Our formula, DON RONALDO™, is unashamedly one of our most popular male tonic formulas.  It contains concentrated Brazilian herbs to heighten the male libido for men under the age of 40.  This is one of my "Rascal formulas" and I had a lot of fun formulating it.  I named this formula DON RONALDO™, because all the herbs in this formula are native to South America and it's also a play on words.  This formula has consistently done so well, I was challenged by our customers that I couldn't possibly top it.  Don Ronaldo assists the prostate, prostatic artery, central nervous system, arteries, veins, and heightens the testosterone levels,while cleansing the urinary tract.

For men over 40 years old, I suggest our formula Otumfo Obarima™ (Mighty man).


Price: $39.95

Assists Irregular Menses
Our DYSMENZ™ formula was created to assist women who suffer from painful or irregular periods.  Over twenty percent of American women have a difficult time with their cycles.  There are many reasons that a painful cycle will occur, but this formula addresses the problem from a perspective of weak uterine muscle fibers.  According to Traditional African Medicine (TAM), the herbs in this product also have been reported to be of assistance with uterine cancer. 
Price: $19.95