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These people have received no reimbursement or compensation for their testimonials.
"And a child shall lead them ..."

Ronald L. Gaines is a good role model for me and my Sisters.  I look up to him because I am proud to say that I know someone who loves to help people when they are sick and makes them well again.  I would like to help other people like Ronald is doing when I grow up.  Lots of people love him because he is a loving and caring person.  Ronald is a very cool guy once you get to know him.  He is always giving me and my two Sisters stuff and he gives my family respect and my family gives him respect.  We love him very much.

He is very skilled to help me and my family whenever we get sick, and makes us feel a lot better.

C. Patterson (age 8)
Philadelphia, PA

High Blood Pressure

Since the first time I crossed paths with Ron, he has shared his positive view and outlook on life.  I find him to be profoundly concerned for people and how he helps them with their concerns has truly left me in awe.  I must say that I haven't met anyone like him before but I'm so glad because he helped me immensely with my medical issues.  I was told by medical doctors that I would have to take Blood Pressure medicine for the rest of my life along with hyperthyroid medication, too.  Since I met Ron, that is no longer an issue anymore and I thank God for him.  His expert knowledge and use of herbal and homeopathic medicine from all over the world has left me baffled and completely amazed.

His mastery and precision to detail of herbs and combinations and his use of them for chronic conditions is quite astonishing, and his approach is truly humble and caring.

May God's blessings rain upon you and your family like rain drops on the morning leaves.

C. Williams
Southampton, NJ

Grave's Disease

In June 2002, I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease.  My doctor had given me two choices, either radiation treatment or surgery.  In September, 2005, I met Ron Gaines, Master Herbalist and he suggested I try one of his homeopathic remedies.  To date, all of my lab tests have come back normal.  Thank God for his supernatural way. 

Beth G.
Philadelphia, PA

I have suffered with an abdominal hernia for the past year, and enduring the pain was no longer an option.  Last November, I finally decided to visit Master Herbalist, Ron Gaines.  He was able to suggest a homeopathic remedy that within a few days relieved me of my pain.  After my first visit, I thought to myself, "Why did I wait so long?".  Now, whenever I have a health concern, I won't hesitate to see him.  The wonders of nature never cease to amaze me.
Bettye G.
Philadelphia, PA

Chronic Fungus

I hardly know where to begin to tell you how excited I am about meeting Ron Gaines.  The results that I have received in such a short time of using EarthMother Herbs® products has drastically reduced my Doctor's appointments and canceled unwanted surgery.  Addressing my health concerns with these products has been nothing less than a blessing.

Resurfacing fungus in my body has been a problem for the past few years however, after taking the suggested product Fungine™, I experienced remarkable results in just 2 days.

B. Greenlee
Philadelphia, PA

Bronchitis, Colitis, Pancreatitis
Visiting EarthMother Herbs® has reintroduced me to the home remedies of my childhood.  I've gotten relief repeatedly over the years under the care as well as the tutelage of Ron Gaines because you learn about the body as well as the herbs.  He has also taken care of me with homeopathics; problems like bronchitis, pancreatitis, and colitis are things of the past for me, and if these problems should arise again, I know who to go to.  Ron Gaines has been a blessing in my life.
Philadelphia, PA

Epilepsy, Psoriasis and Deafness
I have had epileptic seizures all my life until I met Ronald.  I was diagnosed at the age of 6.  He introduced me to homeopathic pills.  I haven't had any seizures since then.  Ronald also helped my daughters as well.  One daughter had a skin problem and the other had trouble with her hearing.  I'm so grateful to Ronald for all that he has done for us.  Thank you, Ronald for everything!
Jacqueline P.
Philadelphia, PA


The first time I met Ron Gaines, I was in the throes of a "Cold" with all the acommpanying symptoms; sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose and general misery.  Upon seeing my symptoms, he quickly made a remedy that, upon my taking, relieved all the symptoms within 10 minutes.  I was amazed, to say the least.  Throughout the years, I have been CURED from many things, (I have lost count, heaven knows ...) from lymphoma, leukemia, TMJ pain, several cancers, oncoming strokes, heart disease and other things the medical monopoly says can't be cured/healed except through their methods.  Well, they don't "practice" medicine on me any longer because Ron Gaines has become my Herbalist.  Money spent here is money WELL SPENT, trust me.  This man has a gift from God.  Run, do not walk, to EarthMother Herbs®.

Shirley H.
Philadelphia, PA

Systemic Lupus

In 1997, at 35 years old, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus.  I began taking the medications prescribed by my Rheumatologist, only to experience terrible side effects with no relief in pain or symptoms.  I even found that I had difficulty concentrating. 

In 2000, I walked into EarthMother Herbs® and I discovered that indeed I had other options.  The homeopathic, herbal supplements, changes in my diet and physical lifestyle changes that I incorporated made a significant improvement in my health in a relatively short period of time.

I cannot believe how simple and relatively easy it has been for me to regain my health.  I would encourage everyone to become more proactive in their fight to regain their health and to seek the help and professional counsel from professional Natural Healers like Ron L. Gaines.  I have been symptom free for the last 5 years.  There really are other alternatives to traditional sources, without the crazy side effects.

R. Griffin
Philadelphia, PA

Prostate Cancer
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and received herbs and homeopathics from EarthMother Herbs®.  I feel great and the excess mucous and blockage I had prior to receiving your remedies have disappeared.  I received the test results from Temple University Hospital that all the results were negative for cancer of the prostate.  I've recommended you to several people for your remedies.
Jamal B.
Philadelphia, PA

ADD and Diabetes

The first year of kindergarten, my Granddaughter had trouble keeping up with the other children in her classroom.  Her teacher suggested that she attend Special Education Class.  Ron Gaines of EarthMother Herbs® recommended one of his remedies and Flower Essence combinations, now my Granddaughter is doing so well that both her teacher and the Principal were very surprised at how much she accomplished in such a short time.

I want to thank Ronald Gaines for his excellent services.  I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 1977.  Ronald again recommended one of his remedies and thanks to Ronald Gaines, I am no longer diabetic.

Laura P.
Philadelphia, PA

" A gift from God ..."

I believe it was the Summer of 1997 that a colleague brought me to your office, after I became ill during an education conference.  I recall you giving me an herbal remedy to take as soon as I got it prepared at home.  Per your instruction, I returned in 2 days, only to receive from you a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual profile.  It was truly the most comprehensive evaluation I had ever received in my life.  From that moment on, our professional relationship has grown into a mutual and respectful friendship.

Your ability to identify and provide immediate remedies for ailments is beyond phenomenal.  I believe your gift is from God.  The blessing for me is that you recognize this as well, and give Him all the glory in your thoughts, words and deeds.  I further believe that your spiritual grounding is the foundation for your success as a Master Herbalist.

As a direct result of being a healthier person, being your client, I have attained my 1st and 2nd level certifications as a Holistic Therapist.  In January, I was accepted into Trinity College in pursuit of my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Ministry.  My goal is to impart the same measure of Holistic Therapy to my clients, as you have imparted to me as your client.

In comparison to other practitioners I have been introduced to, I am able to say without reservation you are in truth and fact the most thorough and thoughtful of them all.  Thank you for setting the mark high for those that follow to reach for.

In closing, your products are fresh, pure and formulated empirically.  Your remedies are the result of your intense investigation of all factors pertaining to your clients, including the layers of symptoms that lead to the root of each illness and or need.  Your treatments, general and individual stem from your innate intelligence, desire and willingness to serve God's greatest creations ... Man and Earth.

G. Tolliferreo, M.Ed., ND
Philadelphia, PA

"Truly a miracle worker ..."

While visiting Cairo, Egypt, I started experiencing excruciating pain (I was four months pregnant at the time).  I went to the local emergency room and received an ultrasound.  The doctor there diagnosed me as having gallstones.  She also showed me an ultrasound of my baby as well as the gallstone.  She informed me that I would have to have surgery to remove the gallstones. 

I called my Mother in America who notified Ron L. Gaines about my condition and he confirmed the diagnosis (we hadn't told him at the time).  He sent me homeopathic pills by Federal Express which arrived in 2 days to Cairo, Egypt.  I took the pills as directed and had no more pain. 

The next time I went for an examination on the condition of the gallstones, they were completely gone!  I was shocked and even the doctor couldn't believe it — we both agreed that it was a miracle from God.  Yes, Ron L. Gaines is truly a miracle worker and a blessing from God.  I am truly blessed to know him and his practice and that I didn't have to have surgery because he cured me.  I am eternally grateful.

D. Carter
Philadelphia, PA

 "I began to cry tears of joy ..."

Dear Ron Gaines-El:

I am writing this letter to you to express my thanks and also to let you know how much your herbal formulas have helped me.  I have taken your JOINT ASSIST, which greatly helps me get rid of joint pain and stiffness, but it is primarily your OPTI-SIGHT formula that I am writing to tell you about.

About seven months ago I noticed that I could not see out of my left eye.  I was rubbing my right eye, which was itching, and realized that I could not see out of my left eye.  I went to an Ophthalmologist who told me that I had the worse cataract he has ever seen in my left eye, and a small one in my right eye.  He gave me the papers to get a pre-surgery exam.

After reading the "Informed Consent ... " form (I have enclosed a copy for you to see) I realized this is not the minor surgery that I once thought it was ... It had such phrases as
" ... anesthesia involves the possibility of the loss of life or permanent disability ..."; " ... no guarantee or assurance has been made as to the results that may be obtained ..."; " ... the risks involved and the possibility of complications including, but not limited to infection, hemorrhage, non-healing, blindness or loss of eye ...".

Yikes!  I was between a rock and a hard place.  I did not want surgery, nor did I want to lose my eyesight.  I was in a quandary about what to do until I decided to see if you could help me.  I began taking your OPTI-SIGHT formula and my eyes began to gradually clear up.  Even though I did not take it as exactly as I should, but I would take it daily, at least once to three times.

I say eyes because my other eye that had a slight cataract was clearing up also.  Then I added your XENOCOR formula and your HERBAL VITAMIN-A formula to my regimen.  I have been taking them for just three days, as directed on the bottle, and low-and-behold when I covered my right eye and looked at the label I could read the larger print, without glasses, with my eye that the doctor said had the worst cataract he had ever seen.

I was so happy I began to cry tears of joy as I thanked the Creator for you, and thank you for the work you do.  I am so glad I had the courage and the patience to go the Herbal medicine route.  It may take a while but it is far better than the other choice I was faced with.  I will continue with the herbs to improve even more.

Helen W.
Philadelphia, PA

"I am cancer free ..."

October 2004 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer.  My doctors said, "None of your lymph glands are infected and that if it were not for the size of the cancer, we would not have to give you chemotherapy."  I was devastated, scared, confused and in a rush to get the cancer removed.  My thoughts were racing, for example, "What if I die?"  "What's going to happen to my daughter?"  "No one will take care of my daughter like I would!"  Well, my doctor did say the cancer did not reach my lymph nodes.  This means my chances of survival were good, right?

I wound up getting my breast removed and I received chemotherapy for seven months.  Every time I was injected with the chemo, I felt as if I had swallowed a gallon of gasoline.  Some of my side effects were bleeding gums, fatigue, numbness in the extremities, swollen legs — my fingernails and toenails had turned a blackish color, and sometimes it was hard to breathe.  I felt like the chemo was decaying my bones, my age at the time was Thirty-three, but I felt like a Ninety-nine year old.

My chemotherapy treatment ended July 7, 2005.  I was then scheduled for a CAT and bone scan in August 2005.  August 28, 2005, my Oncologist told me that the cancer had spread to the spine, ribs, sternum and lungs.  In addition, I transferred to another hospital for better treatment and care.  I asked my new Oncologist if he could cure me and if not, how long would I live?  He said, "No, I cannot cure you, but I believe I can prolong your life with chemotherapy and based on the statistics, some cancer patients with your type of disease have lived up to six months to a year."  I decided not to take any more chemotherapy because it is too painful and it would never cure me.

A friend of mine had heard about an Herbalist who cured people who had terminal diseases.  My mind was open and I was willing to give myself one last chance.  I called EarthMother Herbs® and spoke to  Mr. Gaines, the Herbalist and made an appointment.  Approximately September 09, 2005, I met with Mr. Gaines in his office.  Mr. Gaines was thorough; he did his own research and found cancer in other parts of my body that the doctors did not find.

I was treated with herbs aggressively for seven weeks.  I faithfully took the herbs as prescribed.

There were no side-effects, I could walk better, breathe better, and the aches in my bones gradually went away.  Also, I could actually contact him if I had any questions or concerns.

November 01, 2005 I was scheduled for another CAT and bone scan.  A week later after having both scans done, my Oncologist notified me by phone.  He said, "I need to see you right away."  I went to his office with my Aunt Paulette that same day.  When I went to the Receptionist's desk and told them my name, she and the other Receptionist just stared at me.  Before I could take a seat, the Nurse told me to follow her.  As I was getting weighed and getting blood drawn, I heard plenty of whispers from the medical staff.  I knew I was about to hear some good news.

When I met with the Doctor, he said, "We found no evidence of cancer on the CAT scan or the bone scan."  He went on to say that he had double-checked my films and had other colleagues take a look at them and they all agreed that the scans showed no evidence of cancer.  Thanks to Mr. Gaines' knowledge and wisdom, I am cancer free.  Mr. Gaines, you are truly a Black diamond.

T. Bowman
Philadelphia, PA

"Your example and honesty ..."
Thank you for being you.  We sincerely appreciate your undaunted service to our community.  We don't know what we would do without your example and honesty towards upholding our ancestors.  Please continue to teach us, heal us and protect us as we grow because one day soon, you will receive your well earned post.
P.M. Bey
Philadelphia, PA

"Exactly what our community needs ..."
Thank you for your example of commitment to your purpose.  You are exactly what our community needs, to be able to see ourselves submit to growing, learning and loving.  We are honored to be reconnected on this sorjourn and know that we are heeding the call of Nation building that will keep us on our absolute path.
M.M. Bey
Philadelphia, PA

"The first Akan Herbalist in Philly"
Thank you for being one with Spirit in making the work of Nana [Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea] and the ancestors meaningful in this century and beyond.
Nana K. Ayeboafo
Philadelphia, PA

"I would have truly been dead ..."


If more people knew of and ascribed to Ron and EarthMother Herbs®, it would truly be a healthier place to live.  Becoming conscious of the difference between Naturpathic and Allopathic medicine is like night and day.  With the Allopathic there are so many side effects and seemingly just a bandage dealing with the symptom and not the "Root" of the problem.  With Ron's methodology, he not only gets to the cause of the problem with herbs that are of excellent quality but Homeopathics.  He counsels and educates you as well.  Over the seven years I have had his assistance, I am sure if I had gone to the hospital for all of my ailments I would have truly been dead.  From the cancers, diabetes I've had to name a few, without his invaluable wisdom and assistance I would not be here today.  Millions of dollars couldn't repay him for helping me become a better person and healthier and happier today.

Deborah E.

Philadelphia, PA

"My sugar levels went to 125 ..."

My Blood sugar went as high as 450 when I was going to a medical doctor who could never get my sugar below 300.  I took the Doctor's prescription for one year but there was little change.  I searched out different Herbalists and natural products all over Philadelphia before I found EarthMother Herbs®.

I came to EarthMother Herbs® and used Ron Gaines' product, Glucophyte™, and my blood sugar levels went to 125 after two weeks!  I've been to a lot of Herbalists all over the city and used a lot of products, but the product Glucophyte™ was the only product I used that actually worked.

A. H.
Philadelphia, PA

"No other holistic Herb store ..."

I thank the Ancestors for allowing EarthMother Herbs® to be in our community.  We have a gem in our midst and some of us do not even know.  EarthMother Herbs® is so vital to so many that enter the doors.  I am one who utilizes EarthMother Herbs® whenever there is a concern that needs to be resolved.  I must say that there is no other holistic Herb store that will educate you and give you a quick course on staying healthy — mentally, physically, and spiritually aware.

Ron Gaines is before his time.  His vision of what good health can be and his creative talents are always helping people to sustain and maintain a healthy and better way to live.

There are so many wonderful jewels in EarthMother Herbs® store.  Whatever ails the body, EarthMother Herbs® has the remedy for you.  Teas, Homeopathic remedies, for the different systems that cleanse the body and mind and also dietary remedies to maintain normal body weight, like Belly Burner™ that reduces your stomach and intake of foods that make your belly fat.

What am I saying?  Patronize EarthMother Herbs®! Our wellness depends on the mind behind the curing and the love that the practitioner gives.  Nothing invasive, nothing that will make you sick, only correct the problem.

Ron, I thank you again and again for being in the profession of holistic health and your devotion to your people and all the people that come into your store. 

D. Gibbs
Philadelphia, PA

"Reversed the Hepatitis-C ..."

Since I've been going to EarthMother Herbs®, I reversed the Hepatitis-C that the Philadelphia Veteran's Hospital diagnosed me with having.  Mr. Gaines made a custom homeopathic remedy and recommended his product Hepatin™ which the VA Hospital confirmed that the Hepatitis-C was no longer there.

I was also able to achieve better circulation, more stamina and was assisted in ridding myself of tonsilitis that Mr. Gaines found after just one visit.  

I pass by many herb stores just to get to EarthMother Herbs®, and recommended him to my family in Colorado as well as my friends and family in Philadelphia.

A. Daroucha
Philadelphia, PA

"Would not be doing the work that I like ..."

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the treatment you gave me for my back pain.  I am working as a carpenter in remodeling and improvement on residential and commercial buildings.  This is very physical work and with your help, I have been able to work to my best potential.

I do not have the words to express how much I appreciate the treatments and education on the way the body works and how a person can improve their health and also avoid further injury by following simple common sense practices.

I hope this letter is a small way to say thank you again.  I really would not be doing the work that I like so much if not for your professionalism and compassion. 

M. Gunter
Robbinsville, NJ

"EarthMother Herbs® is my first choice ..."

I train amateur and professional Boxers and I recommend Hawthorn-Motherwort™, Body Sculpt™ and Cayenne Plus™ to my trainees.  Ron Gaines has helped my fighters in both body and mind. Ron has helped my fighter's boxing ability in the ring with his system to enhance their "Warrior mindset", which he calls Kotoko, a little known African martial art fighting system used by the Ashanti Warriors of Ghana.

After Ron's program, one of my fighters twice knocked out his opponent in fifty-eight seconds of the first round.  After the second knock-out, the ringside Doctor was brought in along with oxygen to revive my fighters' opponent!  EarthMother Herbs® is my first choice for herbs.  I only go to other herb stores for items EarthMother Herbs® doesn't carry.

R. Marshal
Philadelphia, PA

Nasal polyp removed non-surgically

I went to Ron for some mild congestion I was going through.  After checking me, he recommended Emphatone™ but happened to be out of it at the time (high demand during this cold and flu season).  I couldn't come back to the store because of my hectic work schedule, so I decided to take two of his other products I happened to have home at the time, Respirin™ and Pleura Clear™.  I figured that something was better than nothing, so I gave them a try.  Over the next few days, I continued to bring up heavy mucus by blowing my nose, and coughing that was obviously clearing my lungs by expelling phlegm at an astonishing rate.  I stuck through it because I know Ron always says, "Better OUT than IN!"  After about five days, I thought the yellow-green garbage would never stop!

The next morning, I woke up to a really clogged nose.  In the dark, I blew my nose and noticed (by the moonlight shining in the room) that the tissue was filled with a dark matter.  I ran to the bathroom and turned on the light — it was blood in my tissue.  I was about to call Ron (at 5:00 in the morning!!!), when I looked closer, I noticed a very large piece of flesh on the tissue (maybe about a centimeter long and several millimeters wide).  It looked like a miniature piece of liver that had come out my nose.  I blew my nose again and to my surprise, another smaller piece dislodged and several tiny pieces were both on my tissue.  And then it hit me — as I was looking at the gunk on the tissue, I could breathe out of BOTH of my nostrils.  I stood in the bathroom for several minutes enjoying what seemed like fully functioning nasal passageways!  I believe that the Respirin™ and Pleura Clear™ helped remove the nasal polyps I must have had all my life.  I do not recall one time breathing as easily and clearly out of BOTH nostrils in my life — ever.

I also noticed something else ... all the crazy congestion, sniffling, blowing nonsense stopped then and there as well.  I had only one occasion to blow my nose the next day and the day after that, and two small pieces of these polyps were coming out with a little congested blood.  Almost like my body wanted me to get those pieces out, so it gave me the urge to blow to remove them.

Here I sit at work, covering one nostril and breathing, and then doing the other one!  (My co-workers must think I'm a nut ...)  I'm noticing a side benefit of going to EarthMother Herbs®:  secondary issues get healed up as well even without your working on them directly.  His second — and third-choice recommendations for his products heal you faster than some of these other "Healers'" TOP recommendations!!!  I can't say that for these doctors and so-called Herbalists in the Philly area because to me, they are just full of hot air.  I don't go to them anymore.  Only one Master Herbalist has helped me to really breathe again — Ron Gaines-El at EarthMother Herbs®. 

Philadelphia, PA

"I love the results I see with my own eyes ..."

I have suffered from alopecia since my early thirty's and I am now in my fifty's.  I've tried many treatments for my hair over the years and I was beginning to think that my condition was permanent until I came across Ms. Cindy's Hairway Pomade™ and EarthMother Herbs® Hairway™ capsules.  After using your products only for a couple of days, I saw a marked difference in the growth of my hair around my temples.  I have been using your products for about two months now and I love the results that I can see with my own eyes.  My Granddaughter even commented on the thickness and growth of my hair where there was no hair before.  Many thanks to you, Mr. Gaines, for rescuing me from alopecia.  I know that you truly care for your community because any product you manufacture could very well make you a millionaire, yet your commitment to the Natural Health field is genuine and unshakable.

L. Stevens
Philadelphia, PA

"You gave me my life back ..."
I tried a bottle of your HCC™ formula, which has helped me with my libido and sexual strength.  The HCC™ isn't harsh and there were no side effects, unlike that little blue pill!  Your formula has increased my confidence and helped me feel a lot better.  You gave me my life back.
A. Bashir
Philadelphia, PA

"... These products work ..."
I happened to hear about EarthMother Herbs® through a friend.  I can honestly say that these products work and are a great alternative to conventional medicine; part of my health plan includes EarthMother Herbs®.  I took Dadefo™ for only five days and went to my doctor for a regular check up and the low levels of my T-cells had increased in the short time between visits.
Walter M.
Philadelphia, PA

"One small vial of tablets ..."

While visiting my old neighborhood, I chanced on finding EarthMother Herbs®.  I met Brother Ron and started asking him questions about natural healing and what he does.  After explaining to me his philosophy,  I was excited about him testing me.  I was able to return to the store in about one week and he already had completed all the results of the tests he had found.  They were long-standing and I was completely unaware of them being there at all.  Over the years, and with as many physicals I had, not one doctor ever mentioned the STD's Brother Ron found.  I knew that Brother Ron was being truthful because he even told me the exact percentages of each disorder, something I had never heard before.

He also found and reversed hepatitis-C, sickle cell anemia and other disorders to name a few.  

Brother Ron gave me homeopathics that he made especially for my conditions to counter the various ailments he had found.  Some of the things he found were giving me discomfort, so I knew that I was getting better by how well I was feeling.  Brother Ron's manner was so precise and compassionate that I had my daughters, granddaughters and close friends go to him as well.

Over the years, I've returned to EarthMother Herbs® to be healed of depression, spleen cancer, and sciatica that was so painful that I had to use a cane.  After one week, I was able to go dancing without any pain or discomfort!  

For most of the conditions Brother Ron helped me with, I was given only one small vial of tablets, not a half-dozen or more like some herb stores in the city.  Thanks to Brother Ron and his mastery of natural healing, I didn't doubt that I could get better.  I made the necessary life style changes in order to fully recover and I never once felt that I was being preached to or looked down on. 

Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you ..."
The Joint Assist™ is great!  I need a product to effect a change within a couple of days or my interest wanes in taking it (not a good attitude, but that's where it is).  I took Joint Assist™ that evening when I got it home. The next day, I had such a greater ease in getting out of bed and walking (something that can be difficult for me first thing in the morning).  I noticed the ease throughout the day.  Trust me on this one ... it's great!  You may not have constant joint pain like me, so to notice a product working immediately after taking it is not high on your list.  It is on mine!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It really is a great product.
Amma A.
Philadelphia, PA

"I am walking again ..."
I give thanks and praises for your continued service in the village of many ailments.  Many are called, but few are chosen ... (You are chosen).  May the Most High keep you and your loved ones under the Healing light always.  You are a blessing because I am walking again.  Peace, love and respect.
Mama Nzinga Asele
Philadelphia, PA

"This Sixty-eight year old body ..."
Your Herbal HGH Assist™ has really helped me with my thought process and clarity.  It really helps me sleep more soundly.  Also, your product, Enduro™ helps this sixty-eight year old body run the 4 1/2 miles around the Philadelphia Reservoir ... twice! I appreciate your Halal products (as I am Muslim) and I realize that you respect all religions.  In a few words, I think you're great!
Abu Siddiq
Philadelphia, PA

"I only took two bottles and, Wow!"
I'd like to thank you for helping me normalize my PSA levels and ridding me of prostate cancer.  I used your products Prosticor™ and Nana Bosomtwi's Tonic™.  After using your products, I went to two different doctors, both agreed that there was no longer any prostate cancer ... even after they gave me a biopsy.  Even my Gleason score was in the normal range.  I only took two bottles and, Wow!  No cancer of the prostate!
G. Brown
Philadelphia, PA

"A miracle formula ..."
Your Herbal HGH Assist™ is great!  My body weight has dropped, my energy level is higher and I have firmness in my thighs -- even my lower legs have trimmed down with greater muscle tone.   The Herbal HGH Assist™ is a miracle formula, it has helped my libido improve considerably.  I highly recommend that others try it, I know that I will stick with it.
J. Haddad
Philadelphia, PA

"I have so much vitality ..."

It's a pleasure to speak about a formula that is so essential to my health.  Your Herbal HGH Assist™ revitalizes me, rebuilds, and restores so many of the vital energies I had lost growing from youth to my adult, golden years.  I have so much vitality, my memory is more clearer now than ever before.  I am doing things that used to be such a task for me to do.  I feel like a gateway is opening for me to explore and redefine myself.  I used to be sluggish and cranky and unwilling to participate in events or outings that were once dear to my heart. 

My complexion has become so youthful looking, my nails are growing beautifully (I never had fingernails, unless I was pregnant) ... well, I'm not pregnant, I have hard nails now, attractive nails!

I used to have aches and pains getting up or sitting too long, now I bounce up.  Sometimes, I have to say to myself, "Girl, you have sure changed!"  That's all good!

D. G.
Philadelphia, PA

"I don't know how he knew ..."

I recall mentioning to Ron that my kitten was sneezing uncontrollably, lethargic and had no appetite.  Ron just looked at me, smiled and said, "Your cat will be fine, just give me a fur sample."  After getting him a bit of her fur, he called me the next day and said that my kitten had hay fever -- I didn't know that cats could get hay fever!  Ron also told me that my kitten had TB and Addison's Disease.  I had to look up those things because I didn't know much about them.  He was right, the breed of cat I have is prone to Addison's Disease.  I don't know how he knew!

I returned to EarthMother Herbs® and Ron had the medicine for my kitten already prepared.  I gave it to her just as Ron suggested that evening and by the morning, her sneezing fits were almost gone, she had eaten her food completely and was zipping around the house like a kitten should!  

I had returned to EarthMother Herbs® after about a month and Ron asked me how my kitten was doing.  I told him that she was just fine, like he had said she would be.  He just smiled again and said that he had made some vitamins for cats called, Kitty Vites™ named after my cat, Kitty.  I purchased a bottle and Kitty has been taking just one per day as the bottle directs and her fur has become as smooth as silk, her energy is fantastic and she is more alert ... she looks like a show cat!  Thank you Ron for saving my cat.

C. Jones
Philadelphia, PA

"Presbyterian hospital couldn't find it ..."

I came to you for some problems that were going on in my body. You may not remember me but you found that my lymph fluid was under-functioning, I had emphysema and a host of female problems just to mention a few.  You really helped me a lot -- your herbs really work.  My body was feeling so much better in no time, plus the herbs took care of my other problems.

Some time after visiting EarthMother Herbs®, I had some extreme pain near my right pelvis that woke me up at night.  I went to the Emergency room at Presbyterian hospital and they performed tests on me all night long.  They couldn't find why I had a discharge and assumed it was coming from what they thought were uterine fibroids, but I knew that you had already resolved the fibroid problem, so I was confident that whatever it was, Presbyterian hospital couldn't find it.

I called you after I was discharged from the hospital and you asked me to come to your office because you suspected that I had appendicitis.  I returned to your office and after confirming your suspicion, you found that I really did have a ruptured appendix, which was causing the excess fluid drain.  

You were able to tell me over the phone something the hospital couldn't find at all. You gave me some pills and I took one in your office and went home.  You called me the next morning to see how I was doing and I was glad to report that there was no more pain and the leaking had stopped. I suggest to all my friends and relatives that they should go to EarthMother Herbs® and they will be fine. 

Fatima J.
Philadelphia, PA

"Now the gout is gone ..."
I thank the Lord for an Herbalist like you, Mr. Gaines.  I didn't know what was wrong with me until I came to EarthMother Herbs®.  I told you that my problem was that my feet hurt me all the time and you found out that it was gout.  Well, the gout is gone.  Thank you Mr. Gaines for everything.  Thank you and have a blessed career.
S. Jackson
Newark, DE

"Three tumors in my left breast were gone ..."

I have to tell you that your product, Nana Bosomtwi's Tonic™ really works!  I called you on the phone to explain my problem and you suggested that formula.  I told you that I had been diagnosed at Temple University Hospital with three tumors in my left breast. 

I already had surgery performed on my breast on November of 2007, and the doctors told me that afterwards, I would have to get both radiation and chemotherapy to complete the treatment, as the tumors were still there.  I didn't want the side-effects like nausea and hair loss (because a woman's hair is her glory ...).

I started using your formula on March 2008. I had three bottles of your formula and took them as directed; two capsules per day.  On the 17th of September, (my birthday) my doctor told me that the three tumors in my left breast were gone!  I wanted to kiss the Nurse and Doctor when they told me and I praised God.  My family and Church members all tell me how healthful I look and I witness to everyone about what you did for me.

A. N.
Philadelphia, PA

"You are a wonderful Afrikan ..."

My name is Brother Sentwaki Ngozi.  I used to distribute the Garvey's Voice newspaper to you and you always generously supported and sold the paper (and always offered me a natural soda or juice also).

I have read your articles on herbs and dis-ease in the Black Star newspaper and I just wanted to tell you that you are a wonderful Afrikan.  Please accept this donation as a token of appreciation and support to a positive role model that's promoting healing and a return to balance in our community.  You also inspire us by showing our community that we can establish our own businesses and institutions.  Again, thank you for being such a positive force.

Sentwaki T. Ngozi
Philadelphia, PA

"Never got that many compliments ..."

I came into your store and two customers were already talking about Body Sculpt™.  My cousin had already used it and told me about it, so I was really anxious to see what it could do for me.  I used Body Sculpt™ for about one month and I have been getting so many compliments on how fit, toned and healthy I look.

I had been working out in a gym for some time before and never got that many compliments on how I looked -- some people didn't even recognize me because I'm now so fit looking. I actually exercise less now and get much better results!

D. Holder
Willingboro, NJ

"Difficult to pay all my medical bills ..."

For over three years after seeing so many different doctors and going to Sinai Hospital, John Hopkins and others, I still had a persistent cough that would make my ribs and chest hurt.  I would usually throw up in the morning and at night.  The doctors tested me for gallstones, acid reflux and allergies just to mention a few.  I even had a colonoscopy done which ruptured my pancreas in the process.

I heard about your work from my daughter who works with a woman you had helped and we decided to visit you.  Before I sat down in your office, you told me that I had whooping cough and an aneurysm in my left pulmonary artery.

I had taken so many prescriptions and undergone so many tests over the years that it was becoming difficult to pay all my medical bills.

On my first visit, you identified the problems I was having and made the medicine for me right there as I watched.  My symptoms subsided before I left your store and by the time I returned to Baltimore, I no longer had the cough or the urge to throw up.

I cannot believe that I suffered for all those years with something you found so easily after just listening to me.

L. Moody
Baltimore, MD

"I had been wrongly diagnosed ..."

Let me just say I am absolutely astonished by you, Mr. Gaines!  Your talents and profound knowledge have been more than a miraculous blessing to me and my family.

When I came into your office two months ago, I was desperate to heal my sick body.  I had been "diagnosed" with genital herpes two years ago by three different doctors -- it had turned my world upside down.

When I came to see you for the first time (I heard about you through a friend), you saw in minutes that I had been wrongly diagnosed -- you explained that my Bartholin glands were filled with toxins and it wasn't herpes.

You gave me homeopathic tablets and my entire body felt completely better in a matter of two days.

When three different medical doctors said there was no cure and nothing they could do but give me medication which only made me sicker -- you cured me like it was simple!

I am forever grateful to you -- skeptics are only hurting themselves. 

Amy B.
Philadelphia, PA

"Scheduled for dialysis and then a kidney transplant..."

Prior to arriving at EarthMother Herbs®, my doctor scheduled me for dialysis and then a kidney transplant.  I had all the classic symptoms and signs of a failed kidney -- fatigue, lower back pain and a metallic taste in my mouth.

I told you what my doctor had planned and you told me, "We're going to insure you never need dialysis".  After taking the herbs, all the symptoms were gone after one visit.  I was retested by the hospital but I still haven't received any word. 

Thanks to your herbs, I have another chance at a better quality of life.

B. Ball
Philadelphia, PA

"Your product, FE-1™ really works ..."

Your product FE-1™ really works!  For over four years I had been suffering because my body no longer produced lubricants needed in my private area.  The pain I endured was severe.  In the past, I've tried other herbs, formulas and even went to medical doctors for help.

The medications and suggestions they gave me didn't help.  The Western philosophy decided that I would have to endure this condition for the rest of my life.  I refused to accept that.

Our friends from Philly told us about the success they had received taking herbs and formulas from EarthMother Herbs®.  After a few days of taking FE-1™, I got results -- I feel rejuvenated -- I no longer suffer.

I am beyond thankful.  I'm grateful and I believe EarthMother Herbs® can help a multitude of people if given the opportunity.  Thank you!  Nana, please continue doing the work you were chosen to do for the betterment of mankind.

Peace and health,

K. Kashiff
Houston, TX

"I can actually feel it working..."

I came into EarthMother Herbs® because I wanted to get off the pharmaceuticals I was taking.  You suggested your product, Diabetes Assist™.  I only took one bottle (in fact, not even the entire bottle) and my blood sugar levels went from 165 to 85!

I returned to your store for my second bottle because it's so easy to take -- just twice a day.  I can actually feel it working.  

D. P.
Philadelphia, PA

"My pain was gone instantly!!!"

Wow!  Once again I am amazed at your knowledge and helpfulness!  I just have to tell you — Okay, last night I got the chance to go out for once (I don't do that often because I have my 4yr old all the time).  Well, I have a very low tolerance for alcohol and I usually have a bad hangover the next morning when I drink.  I overdid it a bit with the drinks last night and this morning I was really feeling the effects.

 I woke up with severe sharp pains in my stomach and my head was still spinning!  I sat up slowly and tried the EFT you had taught me the day before.  Mr. Gaines, my pain was gone instantly!  Just like that.  I am starting my day with full energy, feeling fine.  This is amazing to me!  Thank you so much for turning me onto something new and useful.  Now, I'm going to try to use the EFT for weight loss!!!

Amy B.

Philadelphia, PA

"My viral load is now undetectable!"
I was diagnosed HIV positive in the spring of 2005.  My doctors told me the virus would most likely progress in my body as time went on.  One day, by chance and the grace of God, a friend was talking about Mr. Gaines.  I visited him and he told me that he can successfully reverse HIV.  Mr. Gaines told me to take his herbs and I could have the doctors check my viral load levels with their equipment.
I am writing this today because as of my last lab results, my viral load is now UNDETECTABLE!  My doctor is baffled and I am still in shock as well, but I always believed in Ron Gaines and the power of his herbs.  I take them as directed every day and I truly thank him for giving me hope when medical science could not!  Mr. Gaines, you are truly a blessing in our community!
Michael W.

Philadelphia, PA

"I'm a nutritional consultant..."

I’m a nutritional consultant and only sell whole food excipient-free supplements to my clients & customers.  I think what you are doing for people with various health challenges is amazing.  I’ve been researching dietary supplements for over 20 years & sold countless holistic products, but never have I experienced the successes that your customers have.  Do you sell wholesale to healthcare professionals?  It gives me much joy in helping people get well and avoiding dangerous allopathic treatments and drugs.  Thank you.

Barry S., Body Friendly

Marlton, NJ

"I have stopped using my chemical meds…"

I just wanted to say since I have been on the Herbal Potassium™ and Herbal CoQ10™, I have stopped using my chemical meds.  I was diagnosed for Cardiomyopathy in 1989 and was told I needed a heart transplant.  I refused the transplant, changed my way of eating to vegan foods and started living a more holistic lifestyle and I am still here.  But I was still on the chemical meds.  I have been using the above products for over a month and I have gained so much energy and have lost 20 pounds in the interim.  I will be continuing to use these products for optimum life changing energy and all around health.  Thank you Baba, for giving me back my health.

Metru Ma'at Hotep, Nubian Child Massage & Spa

Milledgeville, GA

"When no one else could…"

Dear Mr. Gaines-El,

This letter cannot express the absolute gratitude I feel.  Since receiving the MMR shot, my daughter had suffered from chronic headaches, earaches and stomach aches.

Other practitioners' homeopathics, flower essences and even conventional medicine could not help her.

From the first day of taking your medicine, my daughter has not complained once of the ailments.  She and I are both forever grateful.  You were able to correctly diagnose and heal her when no one else could.

What you do is nothing short of a miracle.  Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial.  Thank you so very much.

Tiffany & Sya G.

Philadelphia, PA

"These are amazing herbs…"

I came to EarthMother Herbs® because my blood sugar was over 600.  But with using your Diabetes Assist™ my average readings are normally around 115.

The highest spike I had was 207 after eating some spaghetti and sauce.

These are amazing herbs because I only used one bottle.

I originally used Chinese herbs from here in Philadelphia, but the doctor still wanted me to take the insulin he prescribed.  I filled the prescription but the drugs are still in the bottle — I never opened them.  Your Diabetes Assist™ is a powerful product.

James Williams

Philadelphia, PA

"What it means to be a Healer…"

I just wanted to write to say, "Hello" and to tell you that ever since my visits with you, my thinking has become much clearer and I have a more positive outlook — very few moments of negativity.  My diet has changed to eating much less, I feel happier.  Thank you so very much.  I used to take Risperdal™ for my depression and it had so many side effects (swollen, stiff joints) I felt like I was on a high.

Thank you again so very much.  My dreams of hopefully becoming a Doctor can come true now that I know from you what it means to be a Healer.  It's not about synthetic drugs to just stop the symptoms but to remove the root of the problem itself.

Sawsan S.

Brooklyn, NY

"I am completely cured!"

I want to tell you about my experience with your wonderful product, HERPEX™.  In 2007, I came into your store and spoke with you about my having contracted herpes.  You recommended HERPEX™, and I only took one bottle.  It's been over two years and I am completely cured!  I suggest to everyone that they shouldn't believe what Doctors tell them because there is a cure for herpes and I found it at EarthMother Herbs®.  The medical system just masks symptoms and never cures.  Mr. Gaines, I want to thank you for making an excellent product and for your knowledge, skill and compassion.


Houston, TX

"You were 100% correct."

Greetings Nana,

You were 100% correct.  My stool is returning to normal after just one day of abstaining from the vitamins I bought from Wholefoods®.  I will log on to your website and order all my products from you.  Incredible how you can give me the correct diagnosis and we've not yet met in person.

C. R. Mallory (Amun)

Temple Hills, MD

"That is beyond awesome."


I've had the glorious opportunity to take the AL-KHEMI ANTIDOTES® and wanted to tell you about the positive changes I've experienced.

I am currently using CUT PAST TIES, HEAL THE PAST, and RISE ABOVE NEGATIVITY.  The biggest thing I can say is "WOW!"  Here's some of the things I notice:

  • I notice I am not thinking about what I haven't accomplished in life (which consumed a lot of my thoughts before), but what things I have and would like to manifest.  I used to cry over not living the life I wanted to live or thought I should have lived.  "Oh I should have done this…"  Now it's like, "I can't wait to do this in my life!"
  • I really used to put myself down all the time, and I had the most difficult time forgiving myself for even the littlest mistakes.  I correct my mistakes now and move on.  It's like I like myself now and can tolerate my humanness.
  • I used to OBSESS over things.  That alone can drive you crazy.  Now my mind is quiet.  I am not a hamster on a wheel.  I feel peaceful inside.
  • This is embarrassing to say, but I am going to say it:  the envy of others is gone.  I used to grind inside when I thought someone was more intelligent than I was (it mainly happened in the area of intelligence, not others' physical appearance, financial wealth or material possessions).  It was a disturbing feeling that I couldn't place before I took the Antidotes.  I thought it was mere irritation or annoyance, but now I can honestly say it was envy.  It's like the Antidotes are making me see myself better.
  • I see others better.  It's like since I'm clearing up my mind, I can see why other people do the things they do.  I can tell many times, "Oh, this person is going through guilt…" or whatever they're going through, and I don't allow myself to get caught up in their issues.  And it's like I am not making a judgment about them, but merely seeing what is there.  I feel better informed about how to deal with people, because my own issues are being cleared up.

I wanted to thank you for coming up with this and please feel free to use my testimonial if you'd like.  I also wanted to thank Imhotep, who you have on your wall in your office and who you've said helps you with this knowledge.  He must be working through you, because who would think somebody could put a "bioenergetically prepared subliminal affirmation in distilled water" (like your label says)?  That is beyond awesome.


A. Aboagyewa

Philadelphia, PA

"Such profound immediate results."

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Dr. Christopher Ai-No-Washi Becton.  For over thirty years, I have experienced periodic chemical deficiencies which have impacted on the synapses and firing of neurological transmissions within the brain.

After consulting with Nana Yao Afo, January 29, 2010 and following his recommendations with a formula he customized for me, I have a new lease on life.

My first experience taking the spray was an awesome one.  As a metaphysician, it was the first time I felt my own crown chakra open without employing other modalities, i.e…meditation and ancient breathing techniques.  Also, in my research as an ethno-nutritionist, I have never encountered any formula that delivered such profound immediate results.  

I look forward to benefiting from Nana Afo's line of formulas and I, also, look forward to introducing Nana Afo's formulas to my vitality and sports nutrition clients.

Thank you Nana Yao Afo, for all your assistance.


Dr. Christopher Ai-No-Washi Becton

Philadelphia, PA

"Nana is true to his gift…"

I don't know where to begin.  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007-2008 and conventional medicine had kept it at bay, but didn't totally remove it.

The pain started up again and my urinary flow was intermittent.  Then one day, I started praying over the situation.  I did this again and again.  Meanwhile, my wife kept reminding me about going to see Nana Afo.  She was so insistent because she had always had such high esteem of Nana.

On February 14th, 2010, I came into Nana's office and he came up with the diagnosis that I didn't have cancer at all.  Blessings be unto the Lord!  He told me that I had prostate stones instead.  Nana gave me some medicine for my illness and said that within 2 to 3 weeks, he wanted me to go back to the doctor that had originally said I had cancer.

By the grace and mercy of God, I was cured of my prostate stone and they found no cancer.  Afterwards, I told Nana about pain I had between my hip and pelvic area and that the medical Doctors said that I would have to have radiation to eliminate the problem.  Chemotherapy would not cure it, but would sedate the problem.  Nana said, "God didn't create chemotherapy and radiation, misguided men and women did."  Nana told me that all that I had was a dislocated hip, sciatica, and inflamed arteries.

I just left the medical Doctor's office and as soon as I finish this testimonial, I'm going back to Nana Afo's.  What he has already done for me and the help of the Lord is extraordinary.  I will continue to put my trust where it belongs.  Nana is true to his gift and to God.

L. Jackson

Philadelphia, PA

"Undoubtedly amazing…"

Initially I was skeptical of the concept of an external liquid that could in fact assist me in this journey of a successful life.  But wow!!!  Every day I squirt three pumps twice a day and man oh! man!  The attraction to my vision and purpose is undoubtedly amazing.  My Al-Khemi Antidote® was made up of successful properties and thirty days later I'm headed to Phoenix for a five-million-dollar business transaction, and EVERYDAY I meet people that want to assist me in my vision.

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful gift.  Nana Afo forever!!!

A. Bannister

Philadelphia, PA

"My mind, spirit and body love it."

This is my testimonial as a confident believer of the strength and power of The Al-Khemi Antidotes® healing.  Approximately one month ago, I purchased two Antidotes — one known as "Genius Learning" which I was prompted to purchase from an unknown woman I met that day.  Being a night student taking American Sign Language and having a very difficult time with my studies, my spirit insisted and I listened.  Let me firmly state — I am now receiving A's and B's, reading the signs from the Deaf Instructor surprising even myself.  Thus, I now know the only blockage is myself, and that's only out of fear which I am now working on.

The other Al-Khemi Antidote® is known as "Cut Past Ties" and all I can say about that is the past is gone with the wind.  I no longer worry about those things I can do nothing about, those people from the past who brought problems and difficulties into my life are so far behind me it's amazing.  I force myself to think about them than ask myself, "Why?"  Leave the past where it belongs.

I am a true believer in the spirit and body as healers and that those things unseen are real.  I thank EarthMother Herbs® for being in my life now and always.  This is the right path and my mind, spirit and body love it.

Thank you Nana Afo and Shirley.

Hanifah S.

Philadelphia, PA

"I can feel the life coming back…"


I just want to say thank you and let you know how much you have helped me these past couple years.  My body has been fighting off many different things and I had been feeling so bad sometimes that I know I could have died.  But one thing I do know without the gift of healing God has given you I probably wouldn't be here, or I would be in some hospital being some doctor's guinea pig.  I just want to let you know that I feel so much better, I can feel the life coming back into my body every day.  I just want to encourage you and let you know that I appreciate everything, and every gift of healing God has given you.  God is using you to make a difference in many lives.  (Oh, and my grandmom's foot is much better, no more swelling or pain.)

P.S.  Thanks for not giving up on me!!!  From my fibroids, to my kidneys, to my liver, to my colon, to my blood pressure, to my nerves, and I'm still standing.  "God is Good"!!!

V. Oates

Philadelphia, PA

"No knee pain …"

I've been an athlete for most of my life with my most notable sport being basketball.  In the year 2000 I suffered a severe knee injury and was never able to play the same.  After having surgery that was supposed to repair the damage and alleviate the pain, my knee was still never the same.  In 2009 I began treating with Nana for this chronic condition and after only a few months I was able to play basketball again at the high level of intensity that I once played.  I have no knee pain for the first time in 9 years thanks to Nana's master combination of natural herbs and supplements.

I still continue to treat with Nana in order to stay fit and energized.  His natural supplements such as BODY SCULPT™, HERBAL HGH ASSIST™, and IRON WARRIOR™ have helped me achieve my highest levels of mixed martial arts training and competition since I began in 2003.  His herbal formulas have not only allowed me to compete at the highest level, but they have allowed me to live at the highest level of health and fitness. While Nana is a master at treating chronic illnesses, his natural formulas also allow his clients to take preventive measures in reducing illnesses and maintaining long, healthy and energetic lifestyles.

G.N. Crawley

Philadelphia, PA

"Our ancestors have answered our prayers."

My personal journey for truth and wellness led me to EarthMother Herbs®.  I don't know exactly when I acquired all of my so-called dis-eases, or ailments, but I do know that around May of 2006, I began to notice a serious decline in my health and the onset of several worrisome symptoms.  I started to develop chronic leg, back and, pelvic pain, with fatigue and shortness of breath.  In a desperate search to be well, I visited several medical doctors, specialists, and physical therapists in both Delaware and Pennsylvania.  I received x-rays, several blood tests, urine tests, and physical examinations.  I was also tested for STDs on 4 separate occasions.  Everything came back clean.  With no diagnosis, the doctors began to hypothesize on possible treatments.  I was given antibiotics, prostate drugs, and anti-inflammatories.  My pain and suffering persisted, while my bank account dwindled.  Once I had exhausted conventional allopathic medicine, I looked to so-called herbalists and naturopathic doctors.  I ordered products from several popular herbalists across the country.  Nothing worked.  Some of my symptoms were eased, but never completely cured.

In October of 2009, I was informed about the healing abilities of Nana Afo from Dr. Malachi K. York.  During my first visit, Nana found 16 different ailments in a matter of minutes.  He not only identified them, but told me the percentages of each ailment in my body!  He made it look so easy!  Nana prepared custom homeopathics to cure each ailment.  When I came back for my follow-up appointment, Nana found even more things that needed to be corrected.  He explained that not every ailment is apparent the first visit.  He also said that we are multi-dimensional beings and the healing process unveils itself in layers.  After hearing this, I began to take more responsibility for my own health and started studying the body.  As a result, I became more aware of what was going on inside my own body and thus, was able to get even more out of my healing sessions with Nana.  Over the course of 5 months, I have had over 32 ailments reversed.

My leg and back pain were due to:  femoral aneurysm, partially torn sciatic sheath, arteritis, femoral thrombosis, inguinal hernia, herniated disc, and arthritis.

My pelvic pain was due to:  epididymitis, HPV, lymphostasis, lymphadenoma, bartholinitis, LGV, bladder stones, herpes simplex 2, urethritis, blocked spermatic cord, cysticercosis, prostate stones, cystitis, and a chancroid.

I also complained of fatigue and shortness of breath.  Nana found the causes which were:  low blood sugar, poor circulation, venous congestion, partially blocked mitral valve, low blood pressure, myocarditis, and pulmonary thrombosis.

Some of the miscellaneous things which Nana uncovered were:  a concussion, otitis, enteritis, and herpes zoster.

Nana resolved all of these ailments with homeopathic remedies and herbs.  I could feel the remedies working.  And they work very quickly!  The great people at EarthMother Herbs® have put me back on the path to optimum health.  The works they are able to complete remind me of what some labeled as miracles for the ancient Egyptians. 

Nana's passion, commitment, and knowledge are astounding.  I know first-hand why he is called, "The People's Herbalist".  He knows symptoms and remedies, but most of all, he knows people.  Watching him has given me a profound respect for the healing arts.  I was so impressed by his abilities, that I began sharing his information and my experiences with other people.  I wanted to let people know that there is no reason to have a poor quality of life due to your health.  If you are looking for some spook-god-concept of perfection or someone to do everything for you, then this is not the place.  What Nana does is a science -- a science far beyond the inconclusive, neanderthal testing which occurs in most hospitals.  Drop the belief in "what your doctor said" and come get healed.  Our ancestors have answered our prayers.

Brian Graham

Wilmington, DE

"... Like child's play."

In truth, words fall short in describing my experience with Nana Afo at EarthMother Herbs®.  I suffered for many years with serious hip pain that was often debilitating.  I went to many Doctors and took many tests.  However, nothing proved beneficial.  One of my close friends informed me about Nana.  Unfortunately, I procrastinated and found myself in the hospital where I was diagnosed with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).  I stayed in the hospital 10 days and received some short procedures.  However, my situation did not seem to be getting any better.  So, I finally decided to see Nana Afo.  All I can say is that he reclassified the problem and through his treatment I was feeling better, like I hadn't for years and I owe it to Nana.

It's hard to say but I believe Nana Afo possesses an uncanny ability and it works remarkably.  I would be surprised if anyone with his ability showed up anytime soon.

To All:  "Take advantage of this boon while it's available."

As for the Al-Khemi Antidotes®, I've practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu for the last twelve years and I have always endeavored to increase my level of Chi (Internal Energy). 

Needless-to-say, I have made some progress.  However, just a few days after taking the Chi Al-Khemi Antidote® from EarthMother Herbs®, it made my endeavors over the last twelve years seem like child's play.  I can't explain it; you have to taste for yourself.

James McClain

Philadelphia, PA

"I feel utmost rejuvenation."

EarthMother Herbs®

Dear Sir:

First of all, I'd like to thank you for introducing me to your program.  Since being on the program, I feel so uplifted, vivacious and full of life.

I want to advise you that since 1973 I have had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was diagnosed with thyroid growth.  I felt so tired and lifeless that I was unable to interact with the people around me; co-workers, friends, family and especially my grandson.  Since I have discovered your program, I am so excited and relieved that I've not taken any blood pressure pills, my cholesterol count is at a record low and my thyroid growth has diminished.  I am now more active and able to spend time with my 3-year-old grandson.  I am able to chase him around the house without feeling too exhausted or frazzled.  I feel utmost rejuvenation.

Therefore, I want to extend my deepest and heartfelt gratitude to you for assisting me with your program for reshaping my life, mind, and spirit.  Thank you.

Yours sincerely, 

Penny El

Hartford, CT

"Thank you for following your spirit ..."

Good Day Nana Afo,

Words cannot express the gratitude and joy, the awe and amazement of meeting you and experiencing your "gift of life."  You are truly a blessing to us.  Robbie and I will be talking about this day for the rest of our lives!  We could not be happier that you crossed our path.  You definitely have family and a place to stay in Atlanta or where ever we are.  We will keep in touch, not just for healing, but for friendship and to share love with you.  You are a gift from God to the World.  Thank you for following your spirit and enabling people to HEAL their bodies.  We believe in what you are doing and will definitely refer people to you.  I referred someone to you before we left Philadelphia!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Also, the RANGER VITES were awesome!  We each took one for the drive home Sunday.  We were both alert the entire day and well into the wee hours of Monday morning.  I even believe we were more "aggressive," ready for anything that crossed our path, but also very cool, calm, and collected (LOL).  Robbie has given you a nickname — "Ranger Nana."  Thank you for yet another gift.  You can put us on your notification list for your next batch of RANGER VITES!

Thank you so much for such a memorable afternoon.  We sincerely appreciate you!!!

Many continued blessings to you,

D. Williams

Norcross, GA

"... and here was the remedy!"

After watching the medical profession experiment on and ultimately destroy my mother for almost 5 years, I knew there had to be a better way.  I'd tried several alternative methods before I was finally led to Master Herbalist Nana Afo.  He is an extraordinary healer.  His intuitive gifts together with his extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs combine to make him an absolute treasure.  I first came to him a few years ago to treat a yeast issue the doctors had told me I'd just have to deal with for the rest of my life.  Nana got rid of it within ten days!  Another time, my blood pressure was way out of control and I was having stroke symptoms.  I almost went to the hospital but decided to call Nana instead.  He instructed me to get there as soon as I could.  I did as he advised, he gave me some of his homeopathic remedies and I felt relief almost immediately and the symptoms were completely gone in a matter of hours.  I have recommended him to everyone I know and everyone who has listened to me has come away amazed, relieved, healed and smiling.  Once I was having an issue with my throat and a friend had gone to see him about her own issues.  She called me to tell me Nana had sent a throat treatment for me!  I was floored!  I hadn't even told anyone about it and here was the remedy!  As a singer and high school teacher my voice is my life so this was more than special to me.  Nana Yao Afo is truly a Master Healer, and a nice guy as well.

Carla B.

Camden, NJ

"... you cured me of the emotional attachment ..."

Nana, do you ever teach?  I am in awe of the energetic clarity of the Al-Khemi Antidotes®.  This stuff really worked.  Like you tapped into the vibrational code of it.  That thought just blows my creative thinking into detail with thoughts about vibrational resonance and speed, moving beyond limitations...gracious!

And one last thing...I had an eating disorder since age 9-36.  I am 47.  I have been working on solving this for a llllloooonnnngggg time.  I've gone to healers and used various remedies (not much for main stream medicine) taking a more "holistic" approach.  I have ALWAYS believed that I could be cured in 1 breath and with the right healer.  I feel for the first time, I will say my whole life, like I am in a body.  I am not in a fat body or a thin body but a body.  This body is wonderful.  I feel the power and strength of my body.  I feel like the body knows what to do.  AMAZING.  I took HERBAL HGH ASSIST™, BODY SCULPT™, HEAL THE PAST™, HEAL CHILDHOOD™ and a few other remedies.  To cure, and I mean you cured me of the emotional attachment of the eating disorder.  My body moved from a size 16 to a size 8.  A perfect 8.  I am TRULY Grateful.

Thank you for your time and energy and for bringing this amazing work to Earth...

Lisa Lord

Bozeman, MT

"...and I still haven't taken any insulin!!!"


I just wanted to thank you for the great product you made for me.  Just to remind you what it was, it was a mixture of different herbs put into a liquid form that I was to spray 3 times in my mouth 2 times a day for my Diabetes.  I started it in May and in June I stopped taking insulin altogether!!!  I went to a Diabetes Doctor who gave me the ACT OR AZT test to see how my levels were for the past 3 months and all he said was "you don't need me," a good level was 4.5 and mine was 4.2 all because of what you gave me...and I still haven't taken any insulin!!!

Thanks for everything.

Muserr Taalibuddeen

Lititz, PA

"... I actually feel ALIVE."

Hi Nana,

I wanted to say thank you again for your Body Sculpt™.  The effects are quite interesting.  I have more energy, mentally I am more alert.  Physically I feel stronger.  I'm thinking, "Can it be this simple?"  I don't know how you do it (trust me I know I play some part in all the effects).  Before I started taking Body Sculpt™ I thought, "Why did he give this to me?"  I trusted my instincts and I am so happy I did so.  My body is changing.  I can feel it.  I tried a pair of pants on today that did not fit (too snug) a month ago.  Guess what?  They fit with extra room.

It's not the weight or the body changing that most impresses me about your product, it's how you gave me something I didn't even know I needed.  Since I've started taking the product my spirit is even lighter, it jump-started something in my cells, not sure what?  I must say I am intrigued and I want to know if I should continue with this product?

Tam and I will be stopping in to purchase more of your products, I'm just not sure if I should continue with the Body Sculpt™ and CUTT™ or try something else.  Can you recommend anything?

I'm Happier, Lighter, and more alert than I have been in years.  I actually feel ALIVE — again, thank you.

Mary Rivera-Brotnitsky

Philadelphia, PA

"If you want to know how good the products work, run out of them."

I have been blessed enough to know Nana, he has become my Healer and my friend.  I use EarthMother Herbs® Happy Trails™  to help keep me calm.  I also use Cayenne Plus™ and HCC™.

If you want to know how good the products work, run out of them.  I am truly blessed and grateful to be able to tell Nana the symptoms and he always has products that work.

P. Covington

Philadelphia, PA

"I thank Nana for making this available for us all."

The results and positive changes that I had with the Al-Khemi Antidotes® Heal the Past™ and Heal Childhood™ may have been hard at first to accept but it was worth it.  I learned to let things go.  I've finally learned to accept myself completely, even with my mistakes and flaws.  Now I'm no longer hard on myself.  I give myself the same love that one may have for a baby or a beautiful garden of flowers.  I've learned to have that love for myself at all times.  I've also learned not to give up on myself so easily in getting past life's little storms.  I've found that you cannot really heal and become your higher self if you don't accept and truly love yourself for who and what you are.  When you truly love and accept yourself you'll find that it really takes care of you.

I thank Nana for making this available for us all.


Amun Sen Ma'at

Brooklyn, NY

"...they are misguided."


I was recently diagnosed with Malaria.  In regions where Malaria is present, people may have the disease but due to immunity they have few or no symptoms.

Have yourself checked out by our Master Herbalist Nana Afo to be diagnosed with what you really have, because it may not be the flu as you may suspect.  Don't take anything for granted or self-diagnose.  I know our white coat friends probably would never have picked this up, and if they did the treatment would not have been as safe as with the herbs that Nana Afo uses.

Please give our good brother a try.  He not only will diagnose you properly with any illness, but will give you the percentages of what you have as well.

We have someone in our neighborhood and in our midst that is well trained with over 30 years of experience, and he can surely diagnose, cure and heal your sickness.  Remember our brother is a Master Herbalist and he makes his own products on his premises to back this up as well.

When I was a young girl, my grandmother and aunt from the South used to say, "Girl, you need a deep cleansing and get rid of those parasites and worms."  It was usually at the end of the summer that I would hear these words.  I never received any cleansing, but I wished that I did.  What they used back then is unknown to me, but in today's time Nana Afo has a superior product called Paraplex™.  This product will clear a whole host of different types of parasites and worms; for example, tape, fluke, pin, heart, blood, thread, and whip worms.

When growing up and even recently as an adult I was misdiagnosed once again by the people we grew to trust as doctors, but now I know that they are misguided.  I was always told that I had Candida Albicans, a vaginal yeast infection.  This health situation was always an uncomfortable feeling and would always attack me several times a year.

When I reached Nana Afo, he explained that I did not have Candida Albicans (Yeast infection), but what I had was a parasite or worm that invaded my body; not only in my vaginal area, but my breast as well.

"Oh no" I said, "Now what do I do?"  Nana Afo smiled and showed me a product that he makes that is pure herbal and rock-free that could expel the parasites and worms from my body.

I was told that these creatures live comfortably in a human's body for years and can run havoc in the body.  I no longer have this annoying problem and I am thankful that Nana Afo not only cures you of what ails you, but he educates you as well.  I was told by many that parasites and worms invade meats such as pork and beef.  This is true, but they invade "all" meats, vegetables and fruits as well.  So please go or should I say run to this Master Herbalist and get diagnosed of any situation that you may have.  Don't be embarrassed, because Nana Afo has healed many situations that involve the body and your issue is no different. 

So please not only cleanse the colon, but get rid of the parasites and worms as well, and do this several times a year, just to keep your body "pest" free.

Nana Afo also makes a product that cleanses the whole colon that includes his product, Paraplex™ in addition to other formulas in it as well.  This product is called Herbal Colonic™.

G. M.

Philadelphia, PA

"... now, the treadmill fears ME ..."

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, heart palpitations and ultimately had a scope run through my heart in May of 2009 and was placed on medication.  I was told that I would need to take medication indefinitely to prevent cardiac arrest.  In November 2010, I started taking EarthMother Herbs® HCC™ and followed it up in December with the heart tonic, Siesie Koma™.

Innocently one day, I missed taking my medication and didn't feel any stress on my heart, so I tested myself the following day and didn't take the medication again.  Now it's a full month later and I still haven't taken the meds.  I do full cardio workouts with no side effects now.

Before HCC™, I used to fear the treadmill, now the treadmill fears me!  Nana Afo is truly a Master Herbalist.  His gift is from on High.

Frank Lucas, Jr.

Staton Island, NY

"They even suggested a blood transfusion ..."

I would like to thank you for making such great products.  I have never gone wrong with any of your wonderfully crafted herbs.  I came to EarthMother Herbs® in search of a remedy for my low blood count.  My iron count was so low; reaching an 8 according to the physician's units of measure, which is medically alarming.  They even suggested a blood transfusion if I didn't get my iron stabilized.  My doctor suggested that I take the pharmaceutical brand iron 3 times daily, which I knew would have an adverse affect that I did not want to deal with.  I immediately knew I had no other alternative but to purchase Herbal Iron by EarthMother Herbs®.  I took the herbs twice a day as suggested and within three days, I had my iron levels checked and yes, they were stabilized.  I am so thankful to have found such superior crafted herbs that work fast and are reasonably priced.  Keep up the great work!

G. Ali

Philadelphia, PA

"... the reek of death ..."

I'm sending this e-mail to thank you for your wisdom and guidance in making the right choice for the herbs I needed to heal my body one step at a time!  I had this deathly smell coming from my uterus every month I was on my menses.  I would like to report that this month (July, 2011) is the first time in a long time I don't smell "The reek of death" coming from my insides!  The smell was unbearable, not to mention embarrassing for myself.  It was very painful for me to have sex, hence I have been sexually inactive for the past eight months now.  My lower back was killing me and after numerous efforts to get a correct diagnosis after gynecologists would continuously tell me they couldn't find anything, my spirit led me to and I found your Cervitone™!!!  I have been using this product along with your Herbacillin™ and a few more to boot!  I know a portion of my back pain was due to the mattress I'm sleeping on, (lol) but I also knew for a fact the majority of my back pain was due to Cervititis, the undiagnosed dis-ease going on in my uterus.  The practitioner that I was seeing along with a few others didn't give a damn about finding what was at the stem of my symptoms, for I was going to a neighborhood clinic in "The Hood", and all we serve as to them are guinea pigs for blood and cellular research.  I am a highly spiritual person and I know that it was my path to find you, i.e., REAL HEALING for my body and my spirit and I just want to thank you for all that you've done for me for my back pain is gone and I actually feel a miraculous healing going on in my body!  I will forever come to you for the healing needs of me and my family and words cannot explain the gratitude I feel inside!  I tell everyone I know and everyone I meet about the compassion, understanding, and overwhelming healing knowledge that is "You!"  "All Praise Due To The Most High" for you Nana!

Takiyah S. J.

Tampa, FL 

"He is truly a master of his craft."

Every time I speak with Nana Afo, I am moved.  He has helped many of my family members with their health issues.  He has a higher sense of knowing what the problem is and has many formulas to correct the issues.  He can look inside you and tell you what is going on.  He is truly a master of his craft.  I was dealing with High Blood Pressure (Which He told me I was suffering from Hypertension and that there was a difference).  I've been on medicine off and on.  I've been managing my blood pressure naturally for about 2 years now.  Recently my numbers spiraled out of control.  Numbers like 157/100, 144/94 or 138/97.  I received his herbs HCC™, Hypertenz™ and Stress-Free Living™ Spray.  Let's just say minutes after taking the Spray... I felt 3 emotions.  The 1st was I wanted to cry.  The 2nd was I wanted to laugh.  The 3rd was I felt so relaxed.  I later took the HCC™ & Hypertenz™ and not even 24 hours later my numbers went from 144/94 down to 134/86.  Days later my numbers began to read 120/82.  Now my numbers read 111/79!  Thank you Nana Afo for all the love, care, and energy you put out to assist in healing your people.

J. Handfield

Covington, GA

"... Nana Afo is like a herb machine."

Recently a brother from Trinidad by the name of Roger came to Barbados and told me he had visited you for a check up when he was in the U.S.  He told me nothing but good things about you and the works you do.  I told Roger that I wanted to get my herbal product business up and running and I needed to have herbs not only from Barbados where I live but also from Africa, etc.  Roger told me I should contact you.  He said and I quote lol, "This brother Nana Afo is like a herb machine."  He said that while you tested his blood, you put together herbal compounds for him, and how good the compounds worked and you really know your stuff.

I wanted to contact you about having some of your herbs here in Barbados, like natural herbs for removing mucus and toxins on a cellular level, etc.

Now about the order I made, BIOLOGY MASTER.  It is for my wife because she has gone back to school and it is her dream to master biology.  I was glad to see that you have a bio-energetic formula for this.  I HAVE TO GET IT FOR HER BECAUSE SHE IS THE BOSS lol.

K. Lashley

Bridgetown, Barbados

"Finally, my grade skyrocketed this quarter ..."

Hey Nana!

I want to thank you so much for the math Al-Khemi®. For the longest time, I have been struggling with math in school.  However, only recently did I discover that my problem was not math itself; my problem was test taking in math.  During tests, I would just forget all the information I studied, panic, and make really stupid errors because I was so stressed and anxious of failing yet another test.  When I first began taking the Al-Khemi®, class became a lot more simpler to understand once I got used to applying the information to practice problems and such.  Then, progressively, I began to come to a conclusion that I actually understand the material.  I knew what was on the test!  Why couldn't I transfer my knowledge of homework and classwork into great test scores?  Finally, my grade skyrocketed this quarter on a test, my teacher told me she was so proud I did well in that she would send a note home to express how well I did (instead of those "Shanelle failed her math test.  Better luck next time!" notes).  The math Al-Khemi®, along with Al-Khemi Antidotes® Heal the Past™ and Break the Chains That Hold You Back™ (to clear up the years that I told myself I simply "couldn't do math" or that it "wasn't my subject" or that I was "immathable") helped me to achieve the level of math I have always wanted.

Again, many thanks!  Please continue to do awesome work at EMH® (well, come on, I know you will)!

Shanelle J.

Willingboro, NJ

"I am at peace ..."


Hi Nana!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I have been using the "Break the Chains That Hold You Back™" Al-Khemi Antidote® for about a week and a half now, and I can not believe how much this spray has changed my perception about MY LIFE.  Of course, I love all the sprays I have used over the years, but this by far takes the cake.

I feel more confident, clearer about what to do with any challenge.  And most importantly, I am at peace most of my day!  Things are just lighter and more enjoyable in every aspect of my life.  Wow!  And I really mean this simply deserves a WOW!!!!


Kirsten B. P.

Philadelphia, PA

"... a significant amount of shrinkage."

On and off for many years, I have had a pea size lump that would suddenly appear on my neck (area below my ear).  I thought it was a swollen lymph node caused by bacteria by way of food particles lodged between my gums and molars.  I tried home remedies and went to the dentist hoping a teeth cleaning would help to reduce the swelling, but that method was ineffective.

In its last appearance the lump was the size of a grape and friends were urging me to see a doctor, but my mate cautioned that if I went the route of the medical practitioner that I should be prepared to have it cut out, burned out or poisoned with dangerous pharmaceuticals.

We have been using EarthMother Herbs® supplements for general maintenance since 2011 and decided to give them a call.  Based on the description Nana Afo concluded it was Mastoiditis and recommended Glandutone™, HCC™, Paraplex™, and a custom blend.  After taking the recommended herbs continuously for several weeks, I have achieved a significant amount of shrinkage.  EarthMother Herbs® herbs are safe and effective; they perform amazingly well and I highly recommend them.

Sekhmet Maat Sent Ra

Milledgeville, Georgia